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1991 Honda ACTY SDX Japanese Kei Truck 4WD A/C 5 Speed 43K Original Miles CLEAN

Cab & Chassis BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Honda ACTY SDX Description:

This listing is for a 1991 Honda ACTY Kei Class Truck. This little truck is in excellent shape, interior and dash are all in good shape with no serious cracks or damage. The transmission runs nice and smooth, easy shifting, and smooth running engine. Unlike many of the ACTY's you see being sold, this one has a very important feature, working factory A/C. This truck comes with all original Japanese documentation including shipping papers and original title from Japan confirming it's last offical reading in Japan was 69,200km ( 42998 original miles! ) read on April 18, 2019. It currently indicates 70000km on the dash.

These little trucks were built to work, to be economical, and pack a variety of features into a simple no frills vehicle capable of off-roading when needed. The glass is all in great shape showing no cracks or scratches. Tires are all in decent shape with plenty of tread. The rear cargo bed has 3 doors that can be folded down for easier loading/unloading, or thedoorscan just be easily removed by removing the lock bolt and sliding the door off the frame to convert this truck into a flat bed truck.

This truck qualifies for the 25 year exemption and can be registered and driven on public roads in many states unlike UTV's. The gas tank holds 8 gallons worth of fuel and at 2.38@gallon I was able to top off fuel in my own personal ACTY with $16. The 3 cylinder engine in these small trucks is just as reliable as you'd expect from Honda and is just as economical with its 25mpg+ fuel mileage.

This specific ACTY is in incredible shape for its age, but there is some wear to be noted in the form of a small tear in the drivers side seat cushion, the chains for the tailgate are rusted out ( easily replaced with Home Depot chain for a few bucks ), and a small dent on the back drivers side fender/corner, and one of the cargo bed latches is loose. None of this is heavy or serious damage, but it should be noted for full disclosure.
Nothing has been polished and none of the plastic has been shined up to allowing for potential buyers to see the exact condition of this vehicle. Feel free to contact me privately for more specific pictures, videos of it running, or any questions you may have. I'm willing to work with car shippers to get your vehicle to winning bidders. This little truck runs great and has tens of thousands of miles of life left in it!


Item location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Type:Cab & Chassis
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean