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Pickup Truck BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1946 GMC Pickup Description:

Vehicle Original VIN : EC3036524
An interesting history meets useful upgrades like V8 power and an upgraded suspension. All of this makes this 1946 GMC pickup one of the most unique classic trucks you can get your hand on right now.
This is the pickup truck that got America moving again after WWII. In fact, since this was made during just the first full year of peacetime, this CC-series is basically a pre-war model put back into production because we needed pickups to get working at home again. These are a rare sight because GMC would eventually update the lineup in 1947. So this one has a story to tell, and it seems to even wear part of its history. The two-tone red and black is a classic color combo. It's a later application that is more about keeping this workman going than trying to be flashy. And we really love the details on this one, including the General Motors Truck badging on the hood, the steel running boards, and the weathered lumber on the truck bed floor. The lowered stance hints at some more of the upgrades beneath the skin, and so you may see this is a nice base for a restomod or rat rod project. But we already like it just the way it is. You're going to see that most of the upgrades are about making this a better cruiser. And the presentation of the paint and body look like it's coming off of decades on the farm. So you get a very authentic worker style that also is pretty easy and fun to show off around town.
The interior is still working-class all the way, but that's all part of the vintage truck appeal. You have the classic elements like the two-piece windshield, large/grippy steering wheel, and an art deco gauge panel. And the luxuries that we added never get too fancy, like the carpeting or better-cushioned bench seat. They make it nicer but not flashy. In fact, your only real indicator of something special going on with this one is the added auxiliary readouts under the dash.
When you open the classic butterfly hood, there is a bit of a surprise. It's a General Motor powerhouse, but it's a different kind of post-war marvel. You have a 305 cubic-inch small block V8. It has been enhanced with a four-barrel carburetor, an Edelbrock Performer intake, and shorty headers feeding a rather straight set of dual exhaust pipes with glasspacks. It's a nice power upgrade, but this truck is also set up to be more of a cruiser than an all-out street machine. That's why you have good supporting components, like a 12-volt electrical system, an alternator, and an aluminum radiator with an electric fan. As you look underneath, you're going to see an impressively new-style tubular A-arm front suspension with everything from good bushings to disc brakes with drilled & slotted rotors. Modern Goodyear touring tires, power brakes, KYB rear shocks, and a three-speed automatic transmission complete a solid driving package.
This 1946 GMC is a great classic pickup that can be driven to work or shows with plenty of pride. Someone gets to tell its story, and so you might want to hurry if it's going to be you. Call today!!!


Item location:Mesa, Arizona, United States
Type:Pickup Truck
Interior color:Gray
Engine:305 V8
Vehicle Title:--