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1953 GMC Pickup Description:

1953 GMC Pickup

When comparing same size Chevy and GMC frames of the same year, most people are unaware that the GMC frame is longer than the Chevy frames. This is to accommodate the longer motor. Remember that GMC engines were truck engines and not car engines adapted to trucks. Full pressure oiling and inset bearings from 1939 make a GMC a truck. The front cross member of a GMC is totally different from a Chevy truck due to the above. GMC motors will not fit into a Chevy truck without a short water pump added. GMC engines were either Avocado, Dark Green or GMC Red depending upon year.

For consignment a GMC amalgamation if you will on this restoration, taking liberties with various replaced parts of more modern vehicles, a souped up newer engine, and suspension. Add in a custom interior, and a stake bodied bed replacing the original metal bed, and ladies and gentlemen, we have a really cool GMC truck custom.

Starting out as the standard GMC pickup from 1953, all parts were taken off the frame, meticulously restored then put back on. Fenders and grille have been painted silver, and bumper from the front has been left out. The large red iconic GMC badge which was stamped into the top of the grille is making us very aware of the original manufacturer, and it is all truck. The hood, and upper cab are now showing blazing yellow with nice black window surrounds and a chrome strip separating the 2-panel windshield. This continues to run down the hood to the grille and adds some nice bling to the bulbous hood. More red GMC badges for the side of the cab just before the door panels, and we see wonderfully curved B pillar windows inserted between the door glass and then rear glass. On back, curved steel fenders wrap around the rear tires and are silver painted. Mounted on the frame is now a beautifully crafted oak bed, with metal separators, and cascading stake bodied side panels all in stained oak. The rear bumper has gone by the wayside, and is now a solid piece of oak, and houses the taillights. Yellow steel wheels with mirror like moon caps and chrome trim rings are on all 4 corners, just to show off even more.

As any artisan who takes on a project as such would do, we open the doors and already we are over the top with tuck and roll vertical vinyl panels in tan with a white comet like swoop accent below the redone door pulls. Cranks and handles are excellent, and surrounding metal edging is painted tan on the sills and yellow on the bottoms. As we take our wandering eyes into the passenger compartment, we are greeted with 2 wide overstuffed broadcloth buckets which fill the interior space from door to door. There is a center fold down armrest to add even more comfort, and now it all looks just beautiful. Noted these seats are electric for even more comfort. Continuing to the front, the original dash setup has been retained, but now presents in ivory with original instruments replaced with classic style gauges and instruments. Vintage air, heat and defrost has been added, and now an AM/FM vintage style radio graces the dash in the original position. Due to the 12-volt conversion, windshield wipers are now electrified, with no more vacuum to rely on. A long stick shifter rises from the pristine tan carpet and has a copper top knob. A tachometer is nestled into the right side of the Flaming River tilt chromed column, and wood rimmed rally style steering wheel atop. A shout out to the headliner which is now black and appears as a faux leather patterned piece of tight vinyl. Keep it simple is the mantra for this truck and it works wonderfully throughout.

A 350ci Chevrolet engine now graces the pristine and fully restored engine bay. It codes out as circa 1969 to 1979 and is certainly all buttoned up with its chrome air cleaner cover, and silver Chevrolet badged valve covers. Inside a few mods have been added in the form of a Comp Cam, and Holley 600 CFM 4-barrel carburetor fed by an electric fuel pump. A 700R4 4-speed automatic transmission pushes power from the mill rearward to a 12-bolt posi rear axle. Oh, and lest I forget shiny headers to evacuate burnt fossils and air mixture from the engine.

A totally restored black painted rust free frame is noted underneath. Bolted to this is a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo front clip, and coil-overs, and on the back are more coil-overs, and a 4 link setup. Power discs upfront, and power drums for the rear, and also a Flowmaster exhaust is seen working its way rearward from the headers. Wood is near perfect just as above, and there are no runs, drips, or errors near the transmission and engine underside.

This stake bodied truck fired right up, and it was off to the test track where it handled all tasks put before it just swimmingly. Great acceleration, good handling for a truck, and plenty of stopping power. Steering was very smooth, and the transmission shifted effortlessly. All comfortable and all working on the interior control fronts. A great cruiser with a nice exhaust tune.

A full body off restoration done with obvious passion, and usage of nifty contrasting colors, some shaving going on with the bumper front and rear, and a stake bodied wood cascade sided bed on the back. A scrumptious interior with the overstuffed seats and perfect dash and carpet, and air, heat and defrost. Turn the key and drive away to do some work, or just cruise around and turn some heads!

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Item location:Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States
Type:Pickup (Truck)
Interior color:Tan
Engine:350 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear