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1973 4X4 Automatic


1973 GMC Jimmy 4X4 Description:

While we still have full-sized 4x4 pickups, this 1973 GMC Jimmy 4x4 represents a kind of vehicle that just doesn't exist anymore: the full-sized 2-door SUV. With industrial-strength looks, awesome off-road capabilities, and the kind of brawn that only full-sized trucks can deliver, maybe it's something we should revisit. This big, orange bruiser is one of those well-preserved trucks that could have led a hard life, but didn't. Instead, it just looks like it could climb a mountain but remains eminently usable on the street. The repaint was done perhaps six years ago and gives it a bright, clean look and finish quality is good enough to make this Jimmy get the thumbs-up on the road without making you afraid to get it really, really dirty. The Jimmy wasn't all that different from the Blazer; it was mostly grille and trim, but when it comes down to rarity, the Blazer outsold the Jimmy by about six-to-one, so that makes this 4x4 a neat find that you won't see at every stop light. A removable canvas top, nice chrome bumpers, oversized fender flares, and a blacked-out grille make it look intimidating without diminishing the clean, chiseled lines. Tinted windows look great, too, particularly against the orange paint, giving it a purposeful look and protecting the cargo within. The matching black and orange interior is a great look and with buckets and a console, it's sporty, not merely practical like a pickup truck would be. That's obviously not original upholstery in there, but the other interior parts suggest this truck has been very well-maintained throughout its life. It's quite a bit more civilized than, say, a Jeep, and even though it's basic, it's fitted with carpets, A/C, a tilt steering column, and other niceties that make it feel anything but basic. A newer AM/FM/CD stereo has been stuffed into the dash and sounds great piping through a set of 6.5-inch speakers in the kick panels with 6x9s in the quarters, along with lots of cool LED lighting for effect. The back seat is big enough for three so no worries about taking everyone with you and there's still a massive carbo bay back there. The top is easy enough to fold and stow, so you'll look forward to the open air every chance you get. There are few more reliable powertrains than this truck's 350 cubic inch V8 and TH350 3-speed automatic transmission, so no worries about taking this Jimmy someplace remote. It's mostly stock save for the open-element air cleaner, Holley carburetor, and a set of chrome air cleaners, so reliability is uncompromised from factory spec, but it looks and sounds a bit more substantial. They wisely chose to keep modifications to a minimum because this truck isn't about all-out horsepower but about going new places without worries, and in that regard it definitely works well. The automatic transmission means that it's comfortable just about anywhere and with a 2-speed transfer case feeding both axles, traction and climbing ability are impressive. The suspension has been augmented with a modest lift with matching shocks and twin glasspack-style mufflers give it a great V8 rumble that fits it perfectly. Cool blacked-out wheels with orange lock rings are shod with oversized 35x12.50R15 off-road radials to help with the broad-shouldered look. Nicely finished and ready to rock, this cool Jimmy needs to be preserved so future generations can see just how good we had it back in the '70s. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Black
Engine:350 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear