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SOLID 1948 GMC 100 Pickup Pick up 3400 Chevy 1950 1951

99,999 MILEAGE

1949 GMC Other Pickups Description:

Long story summed up, almost 30 years ago my sister was stationed in Germany in the army and came home on leave and bought this truck in Kansas, drove it Madison, WI with the intent of her brother (yours truly) driving it to a dock so it could ship over there. Somehow the military life sidelined those plans and it sat for 10 years before neighbor complaints made my Father tell me it was my turn to store it. Neither one of us had any interest or any indoor storage. Nor were there any keys or a title to be found. Fast forward to 2018 and my now retired Lt Colonel Sister found the title moving back state side! She asked me to try and sell it since it's here in WI and she lives in Texas now. Local tire kickers have been stopping for years pissing me off. Pretty certain one of them was the a**hole who chucked a rock through the side window. Anyway, Ebay will give us a realistic audience and a view of market value. Reserve is set where sis would wash out of this as if it were money she forgot under the mattress 30 years ago and found cleaning. I thought it was high then but it is much older now although storage wasn't kind on it. If it does not reach reserve at auction end we will take that as a realistic view of the current market and restart with a no reserve auction, staring bid will be 1st auctions last bid.
CLEAN CLEAR TEXAS TITLE in my Sisters name, title says 1949WhatI know aboutthis truck today. It rolled freely in to my shop, no locked brakes. But no brakes EITHER! All 4 bleeder screws came loose!! No special effort, man this is decent on the bottom side! I took the master out and apart, it had dried up crap and some rust. Didn't have a brake hone but I did put a scotchbrite pad around a drill bit and got it pretty dam good. Reassembled andtried fora while to bleed. Finally figured out 2 of the 3 brake hoses are plugged, has Left front brakes right now and actually hoses are on the way. Possible I'll change them all, depends on bidding, etc. I grabbed the fan blade, the engine turned by the belt, WOW! Pulled the dipstick and the oil was clean, so I drained the first little bit out of the pan in casethere was any water, none came out. New battery (Still 6 Volt!), couple gallons of non ethanol fuel, a little ATF in all the cylinders and shit, no spark. Sanded thepoints a bit, reset the gap and OMG this things run like awatch! Yes I had to take the glass bowl fuel pump apart a couple times and clean it (apparently thats the fuel filter in there). Then I had to take the top off the carb because something got in the needle and seat. Needs an exhaust manifold gasket, blown out where is meets the head on #2 I think. That is the combo Intake/exhaust gasket and is coming with the brake hoses. My goal was to make it drive onto a trailer/transport truck. I have had a few cars transported in my time and there is a huge difference between ones that will drive onto a truck and those that need winched or pushed. So Igot it running and brakes but something in the bell housing said FU!Stalled 4 times in a row so I revved it upa little and now I'm not sure what's up but it doesn't stall anymore (or move). Depending on who is bidding and ifit's even gonna sell I might fix it, but only to help SIS get back out of this what she can. If someone near by has their own trailer and wants to pay enough this could end soon,after all this thing is basically mint to someone up here in the rust belt, but I'll probably find some more ambition this week and figure out what gives with the clutch/trans. I thought maybe I was starting in 3rd or something, figured out for sure 4 speed, convention pattern stalled in R stalled in 1st. I thought maybe it was in 2 gears at oncebut it rolled freely so that wipes out that theory.Anyways, my Cell is 371-4993 area code 920. I'm basically in Green Bay WI Hit me with questions, phone is way more reliable than email (at least more timely) but either way. Lets see what I can get for my sister and more importantly bid enough that I don't start thinking "I'd buy it for that" after all it is crazy clean underneath, luckily I didn't grow up dreaming of theseThanks,Matt
PS sorry for being a crappy photographer, this thing is SOLID that is surface rust except for that crappy body work on the bottom of the front fender driver side where it looks like a break away piece of 'mud' . If you are serious enough I'll get pics of whatever you want. If I have to run the auction a 2nd time I'll get better stuff somehow. Thanks Again and lets let the ebay Market show Sis and I the value


Item location:Whitelaw, Wisconsin, United States
Model:Other Pickups
Vehicle Title:Clear