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Green on Green Flake 1931 Ford Model A 307+ CI V8 3 speed auto w/ overdrive

Gasoline FUEL

1931 Ford Model A Description:

1931 Ford Model A Coupe. This isn't your everyday Model A Coupe. This IS AN all-steel body has been channeled 7” over the frame. It’s green on green rainbow flake paint gets plenty of attention while the stretched, slanted ’35 Chevy grille shell sits between the ’36 Ford headlights which help lead the way. The rumble from the Sprint headers and exhaust tell anyone within earshot that (enter your name here) has arrived. The frame was Z’d in the rear, a suicide front end was added utilizing a stock ’30 A axle. The roof has been filled and the visor drilled to highlight the shortened cowl. Inside you will see a Moon eyes wheel that sits atop a custom built steering column which hangs in front of a repro ’32 dash filled with Dolphin gauges. A tall Gennie Shifter sits center-floor with a matching green “Freakie” (tiki-frankenstein) shift knob that runs you through your 3 speed auto transmission with overdrive! The rear is bobbed, a ’55 Oldsmobile gave up its grille bar and now serves as the rear bumper. Chrome steelies with Silvertown bias-ply wide whites in the front and Coker wide whites in the rear …..old school rodding.
The original build was done in 2005 by Paul Galaxy and Todd Gold. This all happened at the Gennie Shifter / Streamline Auto headquarters in Denver, CO. It’s made a couple of magazines in ’06 and maybe a car show or two before it made its way to a showroom. (Not intentionally) After the SEMA show in ’07, the car made contact with a center divider. A car full of onlookers paying attention to the car and not the road nearly went head on with Paul behind the wheel. in order to avoid a collision, Paul swerved just in time missing the onlookers but finding a center divider….Damage was instant but only limited to the beautiful freshly built slanted ’35 inverted Chevy grill.. The car was driven back to Denver where it would sit in a showroom until the guys at GS had time to fix. Life got busy, the hot rod business was booming and the ’31 never made it out of the Streamline garage / showroom. Fast forward 6 years to 2013, that’s when I stepped in and persuaded Paul to sell me the car. (A whole other story) I have had 10 years to enjoy this thing as my own. Its been a center-piece in my garage and now its time to shake things up a bit and find a new home for ‘er. This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece of art that’s been inspired by guys like Bo Huff and the Rockabilly Kustom Kulture lifestyle. It’s an iconic piece of a timeline that’s dying off. When you sit in this car, it instantly takes you back to a time when life was just simple. If you are lucky enough to get to drive it, it won’t take long before you understand what I am talking about. The second you sit down in the bucket seat and turn the key, you won’t just hear the engine but you feel that rumble to your core…. hit the gas and it takes you right back to the 50’s…… All of your thought are now focused on the experience your having in the present. Your problems no more. The smell of exhaust permeates the air…. For me, it takes me back to the 70’s when I was a kid. My step dad was into muscle cars and it puts me right back there like I was a kid again. Where will it take you to? It’s an experience like none other.

Green on Green Apple / Rainbow Flake
Build by Paul Galaxy and Todd Gold of Gennie Shifter

2400 mi. Built (Rebuild) in 2005
’71 307 Chevy Small Block Bored .30 over (312 ci) + aftermarket cam
-TCI Turbo Hydromatic 400 + 3 Speed Auto + Overdrive
-Gennie Shifter
-High Stall Torque Converter
-Stretched slanted ’35 Chevy Grille
-’36 Ford headlights
-Sprint Headers/Exhaust
-Z’d Frame (rear)
-Body channeled 7” over frame
-Filled Roof
-’32 Dash
-Suicide Front utilizing a stock ’30A axle
-Visor Drilled to headlight shortened cowl
-Mooneyes Wheels
-32 Dash w/ dolphin gauges
-Bobbed Rear
-’55 Olds rear bumper
-9” rear end
-Edelbrock Perforer 650 carburator
-Bell 4” drop Front Axle
-Vega steering box
-Cross over steering

** Side note. Selling cars is not my day job..... Im also not the guy who built this car. I Have done and will continue to do my best at answering any questions you may have and being transparent. No wool over here.... There are just some things I either dont know or mayby crosses as I was told by the builder. It is in my best interest for both of us to have smiles on our faces when this is over which is why I took photos of anything I myself would want to know about. What you see is exactly what you get.


Ive spent the last several days trying to showcase this car as I see it with my own two eyes. I dont need to say much and I'll let the car do the talking. If there's anything in particular that you would like to see, please reach out. I will do my best!

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Item location:Granby, Colorado, United States
Model:Model A
Interior color:White
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-Hand Drive
Vehicle Title:Clean