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Fastback BODY TYPE

1970 Ford Mustang Description:


VIN 0T02F140321 82357 MILES SHOWING

IS THIS A REAL BOSS? No, it is a copy. The strips, the spoiler, the wing have been added.

IS THIS A REAL SHAKER CAR? No, the shaker and hood have been added.

AFTER YOU READ ALL MY LISTING, I will be happy to send you a couple of videos and answer questions. Please text Ron Watson at 423-506-8987 four,two,three 506 898seven.

I have clean title in hand and it’s signed of correct.

HOW IS THE PAINT JOB? To my eyes its nice driver quality. I see no dents, I see no rust bubbles and I see a good shine. I love Acapulco blue, that is a dark metallic blue. I see specs and a little orange peel, some touched up sports. Decent paint, but sure not show quality. Driver quality to me is when you walk by at a car show and see it the paint looks great, when you inspect to buy you find defects. The paint will satisfy lots of buyers and others want the perfect show winning paint job. You can get better; you just must pay a lot more.

HOW IS THE INTERIOR? Carpet looks new, dash cap looks new, but does not fit like new, door panels good, window package tray has aftermarket vinyl, head liner looks original with some wrinkles.

HOW IS THE CHROME? Bumpers look new, door handles look new, taillight bezels look new, rear side window molding pitted.

HOW IS THE GLASS? Side glasses roll up and down good, no cracks, no wiper marks, good used back glass with a few marks.

HOW IS THE BODY AS FAR AS RUST? The bottom is clean, I see no holes, the sub frames and torque boxes look good. Floor and trunk panels look original, left toe board looks like its has been patched with some under coating, rear drop downs behind wheels look like the metal has been replaced.

HOW IS THE ENGINE? A good running 302 cubic inch with a new Autolite 2100 carburetor, shaker air cleaner, new alternator, new fuel pump, new spark plug, new points. It is clean and starts good with plenty of power for what it is.

HOW IS THE TRANSMISSION? It’s a 3 speed manual that shifts good. A very tiny amount of clutch chatter, but I feed no slip.

HOW IS THE EXHAUST? New exhaust that sounds like a Muscle car should.

HEAD LIGHTS WORK, TAIL LIGHTS WORK, TURN SIGNALS WORK (1 indicator inside is not work, my 77 year old hands are having a problem reaching in the tight place to replace the bulb), brake lights work, side marker lights work, 4 interior lights work, speedometer works, oil gauge works, temp gauge works, gas gauge works, heater blower works ( makes noise for a few seconds), windshield wipers work, horn not working ( if you jump straight it works, the steering wheel connections are old and bad), original radio not working>

HOW ARE THE WHEELS AND TIRES? Tires look like new, wheels are American Racing torque truck polished. Wider tires on front

How does the car drive? To me it drives good, it is not power steering, but steers fairly easy.

HOW ARE THE BRAKES? Decent for four wheel drum brakes that are not power.

HISTORY? I bought the car for a dealer friend near Cincinnati. He bout it from a old man that let it set for about 3 years. I drained the bad gas, new carburetor, new fuel pump, new filter, new pickup unit in tank, tuned engine, new coolant, new thermostat, and a few other things.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a driver, its not perfect roll out of the trailer show queen. It’s a good car, its not a perfect 100 point car. Sure, you can find better fit and finish if your willing to pay more, a lot more. I agree prices are crazy, but if you want a fastback Mustang its going to cost.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come look and inspect and be happy. I offer no warranty or guarantee at all, none.

Ron Watson

Athens, Tennessee 37303

Cell is 423-506-8987 423 five-zero-six 8987


Item location:Athens, Tennessee, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean