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Gasoline FUEL

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod Description:

It doesn't take long for you to see how unique this 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod is. They custom crafted the body to be a lower and sleeker machine. Plus, this one has all the things you love, like ultra-slick paint, mirror-like chrome, a custom/comfy A/C interior, four-wheel disc brakes, five-speed stick, a powerful 428 V8, and so much more. So dig into all the details on a one-of-a-kind and award-worthy total package.
Classic Detroit was all about making cars longer, lower, and wider. And this one spent big money to celebrate that. The roof has been chopped and the body has been sectioned to take nearly half a foot out of the profile. This is a huge undertaking, but the result is a machine that is genuinely lower and sleeker, and it also looks like it's wide enough to own the road. All of this work was professionally done, and so not a trace is left on the butter-smooth black paint. They respected the car's history by leaving some great details, like the wraparound front chrome bumper, the form-fitting rear one, and even the turn signals on the back of the hood scoop. Plus, the bold red stripping package is inspired by one of the most artful packages ever put on a car: the 1970 Boss 302 coupe. But what really makes this such a standout are all the custom details that go with the custom body. Up front you have clear black-dot tri-bar lights not only for the headlights, but also for the driving lights in the billet grille. The upgraded Coys 17-inch alloys are large than stock to really bring an even more dramatic proportion to the custom body. And the rear has a custom smooth blackout panel that also houses a full custom light bar package. The result looks like a concept car. Sort of like how a designer would pen a sleek machine with the ideal proportions, right before the engineering would get ahold and make concessions for the masses. It's truly an individual machine from a no compromises build.
When you open the door, you get an immediate sense of all the custom upgrading that went into this coupe thanks to an illuminated pony emblem in the doorsill - just like the ones that are optional on a brand-new Mustang today. Just like the exterior, it's a full blackout package with an aggressive hint of red that's nestled within the seat inserts. This interior feels fresh, and it also feels modern thanks to carbon fiber on the center console, dash, and door inserts. Plus, there are nice comfort features, like an AM/FM/CD stereo, custom rear storage container, and R134a air conditioning. And of course, there was plenty invested on making this a better driver's machine, including a custom sports steering wheel on a tilt column and a full set of Classic Instruments gauges.
Just like the rest of this build, you can see they invested nicely under the hood to make sure the whole presentation is tidy and ready to show off. And just in case people didn't recognize this is big block power filling the engine bay, the callouts on the bold blue valve covers say this is the mighty 428 cubic-inch V8. It inhales deeply with a Quick Fuel four-barrel carburetor, and it makes a sweet sound out of the dual exhaust. This is not a thundering car that needs to see too boisterous, and instead, it's just built to be solid and powerful. You see this feeling also in the right supporting components, like the MSD ignition and aluminum radiator w/dual electric fans. As you look underneath the car, you'll see the clean look that proves this has been well-respected machine. Plus, there are some cool upgrades, like a Mopar-style torsion bar front end and an upgraded trailing arm setup in the rear from a 2001 Mustang. It feels like a solid modern driver, and that's reinforced further by power steering, four-wheel power disc brakes, and the control of a Tremec TKO600 five-speed manual transmission.
This one comes from the mind of someone who owned the coupe for decades, and took the time to build a dream car. That's how you get something so unique and truly no compromises. Full custom creations like this rarely leave their dreamer's hands. So don't miss you chance at this one-of-a-kind, call today!


Item location:Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
SubModel:Fastback Restomod
Trim:Fastback Restomod
Interior color:Black
Engine:428 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear