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Jet Age Styling/Nice Exterior/Beautiful Engine Compartment/Showroom Interior

Convertible BODY TYPE
170 Inline 6 ENGINE

1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible Description:

1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

The Jet age is in full swing, the country is riding high on Beatle mania, towering beehive hair doo's, fur boots, and getting to the moon before the end of the decade. Unfortunately, we were riding low on the assassination of President Kennedy, Russia launching the first woman into space, and racial equality concerns. To mirror these times, Ford Motor Company put elements of design into the Falcon Futura.

There was nothing better than being a TWA pilot or "stewardess" as this jet set status was all the rage in 1963. And to emulate all this high-flying high-speed travel for whimsy attitude, we give you for consignment a 1963 Ford Falcon Futura. Just look at that side view and it's as if we are looking at a streaking jet flying across a white and blue sky to some exotic destination where you sun yourself, drink a cocktail with an umbrella in it, and eat fondue. We will drop the top, put on our bandanna, and flaunt that bikini all the while remaining anonymous behind those cat eye Marwitz sunglasses. This car screams Jet Age styling.

Look ...up in the's a its a its the side spear on this wonderful Futura. Steel panels all bathed in black with a wide white painted spear, and a chromed trim spear flying from rear to front quarter and ending as a faux air vent. The simple V shaped grille with single headlights links fine with its trimmings, and a slightly askew front bumper with some dulling. A black hood with a chrome rimmed scoop shows early signs of some manufacturer muscle flexing, but it's still early in the game. A white canvas convertible top in good condition is manually operated and does so smoothly. What a profile on this car with the top down. Pure jet age, I just cannot say enough about it. Rounding out all 4 corners are 13-inch spoked wheel covers complete with a dice air valve topper!

It does not get any better than simple black and white, and this car is as simplistic yet stylish as out gets. White tuck and roll door panels with painted black sills are nearly perfect. Seats reverse the pattern and use black tuck and roll inserts, and white bolsters then turn again to smooth black lower and upper surrounds. This pattern continues on the rear bench. A very clean and very original dash utilizes chromed trim, and a cream aged bakelite insert which is topped by the speedometer. Plenty of pull knobs for all the controls and I feel like I'm in the Jetson's flying car. A very nicely redone to original look it even has the correct radio. Black carpet for the floors all in great condition and floating above this on the driver's side are drilled and trimmed in chrome aftermarket pedals.

An original to this car 170ci inline 6-cylinder gleams within the pristine engine bay. We are looking great in here with a chrome valve cover and a chromed air filter holder. A 1-barrel carb is atop, and a 3.03 Toploader 3-speed manual transmission is on back. 3.50 ratio is for the rear axle on this car.

Nicely preserved, some new steel panels have been added for beefed up structural stability. These are located just behind the engine and transmission. Rust free floorpans and rockers, also have some steel reinforcing panels now installed. It is a very nicely done job, but we may wonder what lies underneath? Independent with coil springs are upfront, and leaf springs are on the rear for the suspension. Drum brakes are utilized all around.

A very nice driver, quick starter, and good handling car. Nothing is greater than the experience of driving a jet age car with the top down. There is just something that adds cool to your persona when doing do. Overall a nice driver, smooth acceleration without hesitation, and a great cruiser.

This is a really nice car, well done, and all buttoned up with a new top, and a well-maintained drivetrain. The interior surfaces are excellent, and the dash is pure original in a very clean state. A fine classic gracing us here at Classic Auto Mall, ready for the picking. So, swoop in and claw this bird of prey.

VIN Decode
H-Lorain, OH Assy Plant
15-Falcon Futura Convertible
U-170ci I6 1bbl
130615-Sequential Unit Number

Warranty Tag
BODY 76A-Falcon Futura Convertible
COLOR M-Corinithian White
TRIM 56-Black Vinyl
DATE 25K-October 25th Build
DSO 23-Boston
AXLE 5-3.50 Gears
TRANS 1-3 Speed Toploader 3.03

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Item location:Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States
SubModel:Futura Convertible
Trim:Futura Convertible
Interior color:Black
Engine:170 Inline 6
Vehicle Title:Clear