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1967 Ford Fairlane GTA 390 S Code

100000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1967 Ford Fairlane Description:

1967 FORD FAIRLANE GTA – 390 S Code (See Marti-Report)

Just picked this up with the thought of building it and had a sudden turn of events so letting others take a look. Still on the trailer at this time. The front tires hold air for a couple hours but went flat sitting on the trailer over the last couple days. Pending arrangements, we may be able to add two tires on the front to hold air for transport.

What I know or was told when picked it up:

Stored inside is a rebuilt (very clean) 390 with the 14 Bolt 390GT heads and exhaust manifolds as well as the C6 Auto trans. The manifold needs cleaning and installed and a carb. The owner I got it from kept an aluminum manifold and carb that sat on top of the rebuilt engine hence why the manifolds need cleaning and painted. The rear in the car looks like the original 9 inch.

The panels on this car are in great shape! See pics of quarters, jams and around the car. The firewall & engine compartment is only surface rust - no replacement metal needed! Even the battery tray area! The doors open and close nicely. The GTA comes with a 1966 hood as is the grill. The original bumpers and driveshaft are stored in the car. The glass is all good around the car except the front shield which is cracked. Take a look at the Marti Report to see this was originally Clearwater Aqua paint and you can still see some remnants under the white repaint. The issues in this car are the floor pans, however there are loose replacement pans in the car to use! The trans hump is rust free and the rails as well so an easy fix. The trunk rail under the lid needs attention and those corner pieces are readily available. Car came with power steering and the setup is still in the car.

The interior is the original Aqua Vinyl buckets (great internal condition, cushions and springs, but needs new upholstery kit) with original console (the console had a repair located where the seat would cover it up once installed).

This is an awesome true GTA FE big block car that would be an easy build as there is no need for expensive quarter panel replacement or the like - to be clear, what looks like rust in the pic in the quarter or in front of the rear wheel is just paint flaking off - not rust!

Hate to let it go as I really want to build this out for my own…I sold a convertible GTA similar to this a couple years ago and regretted it… these Fairlane FE GTA's are getting hard to come by... hell, any FE GT car.... anyway… take a look at the pics and I’ll answer any questions as they come in… Thanks.


Item location:Winchester, Virginia, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean