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1921 Ford Model T Roadster 1 Black Roadster Inline-4 2-Speed Planetary

Roadster BODY TYPE
Inline-4 ENGINE
2-Speed Planetary TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1921 Ford Model T Roadster Description:

GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this 1921 Ford Model T for your consideration. Ford Model T is powered by a 176ci L-head inline four-cylinder engine that produced 20 bhp. The engine sends power to the rear wheels through a 2-speed planetary transmission that shifts smoothly and confidently. The car appears to be in highly original condition. The top is in good condition as is the interior. Exterior paint shows some wear, but nothing unexpected for a car that... is nearly 100 years old. Henry Ford was quoted for saying you can have any color as long as it is black. This refers to the speed of the production line and with only one color available Ford was able to produce cars at an unprecedented rate. The automobile that changed the world and the one that elementary school children learn about, the Model T is the first affordable vehicle that opened travel to the middle class. It was the result of several innovations including the assembly line. By 1914, the assembly process for the Model T only took 93 minutes. It was so successful, Ford did not advertise between 1917 & 1923. Please call or email with any questions or for additional information.


Item location:Local pick-up only
Model:Model T
Interior color:Black
Transmission:2-Speed Planetary
Vehicle Title:Clear