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1956 Ford F100 V8 - Professionally Restored - Clear Title - Priced to Sell!

Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1956 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Description:

You are looking at a FULLY restored 1956 Ford F100 pick-up truck that has less than 100 (One hundred) miles on it since the rebuild and comes with a nice story ....
I first saw the truck on Ebay, Christmas day of 2012. It's home has always been about 50 miles away from the retirement cabin I was building here in Idaho so I saw it as an omen and a Christmas present to myself. A week later and it was mine. The description - Been in the family since Grandpa bought it new in '56 but it's time for someone to be able to put a little TLC into it. The motor runs smooth and it drives nice. It has approx. 92000 miles on it. The engine was rebuilt at 82000 miles.' was enough to convince me to drive 6 hours to collect it and deliver it safely to my newly built workshop.
After the drive I was tired but another hour of work and the engine finally coughed into life although at least two of the pistons remained fast asleep. The clutch worked, first gear engaged and I was off down the street.
I got maybe two miles out of town before I began to see wisps of smoke in the cab, imagination? Oh no, down on the floor where the battery cover used to be I could now see flashes of flame. The truck was clearly on fire. Fortunately a few snowballs from the side of the road cooled things down and a readjustment of the wiring meant I could continue my journey.
Things were going well, too well when I noticed the engine water temperature starting to rise. Fortunately I was prepared but my five gallons of water only got me as far as the closest gas station but ten miles on I coughed and smoked my way to the safety of my workshop.
There the truck sat while I worked on the cabin until eventually, with too many jobs and only one pair of hands I decided to contract out the restoration. The discussion was clear, it was to be a working truck not a show truck and so I left it in good hands, or so I thought.
The bills started coming in, pictures of the rebuild were being taken, the chassis was back from the powder coaters and then my cabin burned down, three months before I was due to move in.
At this point the truck obviously became the last of my concerns. It's restoration continued slowly and the bills I continued to pay along with the bills for the rebuild of my home.
Eventually in 2015 my house was rebuilt and I was able to take interest again in my truck. On a fateful day, almost exactly 4 years after I bought it I went to see the monster that my 'trusted' custom auto shop had created. On checking the invoices their estimate of around $20k had become over $55k in hard cash and my 'everyday driver with warts and battle scars' had become a head turning show stopper. I felt as if I should wash my hands before touching the door handle and certainly change my pants before getting inside. It was beautiful but it wasn't me, i'd learned another of life's lessons.
And so in January 2016 I drove it to a storage unit in town and parked it up. Every two or three months i've been back to look at it, reconnect the battery, drive around the block and make the decision to park it up again.
The truck remains as it was when I collected it except that something on the suspension has settled on the drivers side and it has a very slight lean to the drivers side and the horn - which was amazing - is now silent with just an audible 'click' under the dash.
Setting a starting price on something like this is not easy. Of course I would like to get my whole investment back but i'm a realist so there's no 'Buy It Now' price. I hate to see 'Reserve not met' so bidding isn't going to start at $1 either. Acceptable to me and fair to you will be a starting price of $35k, no reserve. If you want to inspect the truck before bidding then head towards Lewiston, Idaho and I can give you directions or even collect bidders from the airport to view the truck.
Questions? More pictures? Please feel free to ask, I'm actually quite proud of my truck and happy to help with shipping arrangements for its next journey.
Answered Questions:Transmission - Four on the floorBrakes - Servo assisted front discs, rear drums
Relative Comments:'Your truck ad says custom cab but it doesn’t have the exterior trim to be a one
Custom cab trucks have stainless trim around the windshield and side glasses and on the interior they’re'


Item location:Orofino, Idaho, United States
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Trim:Custom Cab
Interior color:Green/Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear