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Ford Falcon 1961 (4-Door) Very Clean with LOW Miles + Manuals and Collectibles

170 cubic inch ENGINE
Leaded Gas FUEL

1961 Ford Falcon Description:

Up for auction is my 1961 Ford Falcon that I purchased in 2009 right here on Ebay. I have far too many hobbies and the Falcon is taking up precious garage space.
The car has the 170 cubic inch upgraded engine and gets almost 30 miles per gallon of gasoline. It is surprisinglysporty since it has a low center of gravity and that "beefy" engine. It is very fun to drive and (using that big beautiful steering wheel) you don't even miss power steering. The frugal original owner didn't even want a radio.
Here are the POSITIVES regarding this Falcon:
  • Beautiful paint job,
  • Very clean inside and outside,
  • Garaged for the nine years I have had it,
  • It has very low mileage on it (for a 58 year old car),
  • You don't need a smog inspection in some states,
  • I only needed to have a "safety" inspection done in Texas,
  • The "safety" inspection guy just checked the lights, horn, etc. and charged me $14.00,
  • The owner before me added seat belts to entice his daughter to drive it (he failed),
  • Spare parts (extra dashboard was not cheap), shop manuals, catalogs,
  • Interesting collectible advertising brochures and an original 1960 typewritten press release
  • State of the art safety features include: a steering wheel, seat belts, and brakes
  • Manual door locks and window cranks (no electric motors or actuators to break)
  • The best sounding old style car horn (listen to the video)!

Here are the NEGATIVESregarding this Falcon:
  • One small rust spot on the lower right rear fender panel (see photo 24),
  • The rubber trim around the back window (left side) had a minor water leak a few years ago,
  • That same rubber trim looks like it was manually patched before I owned it (see photo 23),
  • The backup lights didn't come on when I shot my video so they are not working,
  • A couple of drops of oil do exit the oil pan after a hard day on the road,
  • Must use leaded gasoline (you can buy a lead additive to put in each tank of gas),

See avideo of the Falcon "in action": Click here
See more Falcon photos:Click here
Please look over the photos carefully as they are much better at describing the car than my wording. I have a reasonably low reserve because I don't want to lose too much money on such a clean looking vehicle. This is a 58 year old car so it will have small dings, dents, scratches, and rust on the under side. I want any potential winning bidder to understand what they are getting for their money.
Let me know if anyone has any questions (or want a specific picture emailed to them) and thank you viewing my auction.


Item location:Akron, Ohio, United States
Color:Black and Cream
Engine:170 cubic inch
Fuel:Leaded Gas
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear