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1955 Club Sedan Automatic

66,687 MILEAGE

1955 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan Description:

Ford was hitting on all eight cylinders in 1955, and this restored Fairlane Club Sedan really showcases it the best. With proper V8 power, an exceptionally authentic presentation, and a terrific two-tone inside and out, this is true post-war optimism on wheels. With a fresh coat of paint, this two-door looks amazing. The Mountain Green and Sea Spirit Green really has great '50s flair. These Fords were instantly recognizable with their sweeping chrome trim that divided the two-tone combinations, and it extended from the headlight all the way back to the tail. It serves to lengthen the car and adds artful angles to the sheetmetal. Speaking of the panels, take some time to appreciate how straight every piece looks. Without this attention to detail the trim would never look as stellar, and the profile wouldn't be this nice. The restoration also invested in quality with items like the window seals and shining new bumpers. And they even made sure to get all the best details right, like the fender skirts, Thunderbird-inspired taillights, factory wheel covers, and the massive hood ornaments leading the way. Inside, the two-tone green coordinates nicely with the exterior. It's comfortable to sit in and great to show off when this one is parked. Plus, the side panels, carpeting, and dash are all part of this harmonized package to create a quality uniform appearance. Even the piping in the seats is part of this matched two-tone, so you know they really spent time and money on this one. This a true time capsule interior, and so you get everything from the Thunderbird-style Plexiglas speedometer, to the AM radio that's still cranking out tunes. Under the hood is Ford's trusty and powerful 272 cubic-inch Ford V8 motor, and it's presented quite nicely for this U-code Fairlane. So you'll enjoy all the correct components like the tall silver oil bath air cleaner, Ford script on the valve covers, bold red block, and even the windshield washer fluid bag. And because this is set up to be a true cruiser, you have a two-speed automatic transmission and the brakes have been upgraded to a dual master cylinder. And as you look over this whole car, don't forget about the undercarriage photos. The ultra-clean presentation is yet another reminder of the restoration's attention to detail. This is a rare Ford that has been restored to an exceptional level of quality. Don't let something this beautiful slip through your fingers. Call today!!!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Trim:Club Sedan
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Blue
Engine:272 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear