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1948 Ford Mercury M47 Pickup

Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
Flathead V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL


1948 Ford Other Pickups Mercury M47

Interestingly enough I acquired this pickup from within a 3 mile radius of where I live. I purchased it off an elderly widow who, along with her husband, were the original owners. This truck had been parked in her shop since early eighties. Because this truck had been off the roads and out of the elements for so long it was able to maintain itself quite impressively.
I have to clear out my storage space, so I am reluctantly putting this truck up for auction. Because of the low production numbers these Mercury 1/2 tons are becoming increasingly harder to find and this one is an excellent example of survivor to base a build on. With this trucks' age there is going to be a few expected imperfections, but this truck is surprisingly straight overall. The sheet metal incredibly solid and there is minimal rust (mostly surface rust). No rot issues. This truck was used for farm use at some point, so the box would be the only real area where there is some apparent use. I decided to replace the rear stake holes and the rear truck bed cross member as the originals were in bad condition. I painted and blended in the new parts on this bed and it looks very much in place with the rest of the truck. The bed has a steel floor. The original glass was all no good and was removed. The gauge cluster and wiring are both removed, but are still included with the truck. The wiring needed replacing and the gauge cluster needs rebuilding at the very least and possibly replacing and or conversion to 12 volt.
The original engine was no good(cracked block), so it was disposed of. The engine that is presently installed and connected to the original 3 spd on the floor manual transmission is a 1950 8BA Flathead. It has been torn apart, hot tanked, magna fluxed and checked for cracks. This engine block is a good block. This engine will need rebuilding, but the tough part in finding a good block has been taken care of. There is no rotating assembly presently in this engine because it was quite worn and would need replacing if someone were to rebuild it anyhow. I had actually spent a fair amount of time painting this engine block and powder coating the engine pieces/components. I built it as I had intended to use it as shop art, but I later decided that maybe it fit better in a period correct engine compartment.
I had this truck stripped down. The entire front clip, the box, the rear fenders and the interior were all disassembled in order to clean, straighten, and address anything that needed to be dealt with on this pickup. The original seat was a mouse house, so it was cleaned up down to the box springs and frame and would need reupholstering. The gas tank is still present. When I had this truck apart the entire thing was thoroughly cleaned. The front front was wire wheeled and painted in satin black chassis paint. Upon reassembly the old hardware/fasteners were replaced. A few of the new additions to this truck include:
  • Need box mounts
  • New front and rear bumpers and rear bumper mounts(Powder coated satin black)
  • Brand new battery holder (Powder coated satin black)
  • Brand new drivers side door latch mechanism
  • Brand new hood hinges (Powder coated satin black)
  • New front fender to cowl seals
  • Many new rubbers, seals, weather stripping etc. included, but not installed.
  • New 12 volt headlights
  • Brand new rear signal lights
  • New windshield (Not installed)
  • New box mounts
  • New fuel pump
  • Replaced several door handles

The Mercury Trim and bright work is all included. The only pieces missing are the front fender side trim pieces. Everything else is there even if it isn't in any of the pictures. The parking lights are NOS and I had them powder coated gloss white to protect them. The bezels and lenses are there too. All Mercury interior pieces are included as well.

This is an excellent Mercury pickup project base that has already had a lot of ground work preformed on it already. I really like this truck and I am confident a new owner would have the same feelings. I would suggest that anyone interested in this classic to feel free to ask me any questions as opposed to making any assumptions. I am sure I have left details out of this description. The purchaser's satisfaction is very important to me. I can help co-ordinate transportation if needed.


Item location:Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Model:Other Pickups
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Trim:Mercury M47
Interior color:Green
Engine:Flathead V8
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear