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1966 Ford Mustang Coup

80,000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL


1966 Ford Mustang

This nice 52 year old FIRST GENERATION Mustang Coupe is a 6 cyl, automatic. The plan was to convert it to V 8, 4 speed with 5 bolt V 8 hubs, wheels and disc brakes.
It was completely stripped ($1,040.00), media blasted ($840.00), premium primer added ($375.00), all bumpers, taillight bezels and trim rechromed and polished ($1,140.00, not cheap Chinese replacements), 4 bolt hubs were replaced with 5 bolt V 8 hubs, springs and disc brakes on the front ($660.00), (that's money you won't have to spend) the rear end is still a 4 bolt 6 cyl unit .
At that point my 53 GMC Project and Shop Project took over and it sat for 3 years. Now it needs a new home.
It has all the parts to finish as the original 6 cyl, auto that ran excellent, convert back to 4 bolt ( and sell the V 8 hubs, springs and parts as a package ) or you can proceed with the conversion to V 8 by simply buying a 289/302 engine, trans and mounts and they bolt right in, no special conversions. The rear end is a simple bolt in swap.

Before we started the project, it was hit in the right rear quarter/ fender with no structural damage, only sheet metal damage to fender and trunk lid that has been mostly completed ( see photos ). The Insurance Co. wouldn't pay to repair it, they took the cheap way and totaled it out which produced a Rebuild title. Nevada DMV said you can go back to the original Insurance Company and get them to release the rebuild title, get it inspected ( it's been blasted down to the bare metal and primed, no grease or dirt to hinder inspection, you can see there is no damage to the frame/ unibody ) and get a clear title.
It has all the glass with an extra windshield and glass, and an extra trunk lid. Blasting showed up some minor rust thru in drip rails over both doors and each side of rear window, easily repaired, ( especially if you use OSPHO ). Photos show original motor, trans, bumpers, trim and taillights wrapped in plastic and body in shop after blasting and priming.

You can take it home now and save over $4,000.00 to disassemble, media blast, prime the car, rechrome and polish, parts and labor to convert front end to 5 bolt with disc brakes and save a years worth of time by not having to do all that work and with a little more time and money, have a completely restored 1966 Mustang that's worth $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 depending on how you complete it and trim it out. The Mustang is the least expensive car to restore, parts and labor wise and holds it's value better than most others !!!!
Give you or your "LOVED ONE" a Perfect "I REALLY LOVE YOU" GIFT !!
TAKE it home for
===ONLY === $4,999.00 reduced to $4,499.00
( Might consider some partial trades )

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Item location:Jean, Nevada, United States
Interior color:Blue
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear