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1932 Brookville Steel Roadster Body kit w/ Fender Package

1932 Ford Other Description:

New 1932 Brookville steel Ford Roadster body kit complete w/ fender package.

You will receive allparts / assemblies to build a top quality '32 roadster.Parts are made by Brookville in the US fromheavygauge steel and are 1st quality. Save $2400 over manufacturer's price.

Package also includes a hidden hinge kit and bear-claw latch kit.

Parts list:

  • L&R front and rear fenders with smooth running boards
  • Cowl top w/bracing (smooth)
  • Cowl sides w/bracing
  • radiator shell
  • Lower cowl post brace
  • dash
  • doors (stock without bead)
  • Striker plates w/backing and screws
  • Subrails
  • Subrail extensions
  • Cross channels w/supports
  • Upholstery channels (used with stock seat)
  • Rear floor
  • Quarter panels with braces
  • Lower quarter panel post brace
  • Above deck lid panel
  • Below deck lid panel
  • Deck lid (trunk smooth)
  • Trunk hinge kit (used with trunk only)
  • Upper rain gutter trough
  • Rain gutter corners
  • Lower rain gutter (used with trunk only)
  • Triangle corners
  • Rubber bumpers for trunk
  • Bolt and rivet kit

Does not include firewall or hood and parts are not primed.


Item location:Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear