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1989 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 347 Supercharged, Moving Must Sell

Convertible BODY TYPE
C4 Reverse Valve Body TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1989 Ford Mustang GT Description:

1989 Ford Mustang Gt Convertible. Basic Rundown as follows: This was purchased as a project/roller car 20 years ago. The engine compartment was sandblasted and repainted pearl white about 12 years ago. I have color code for repainting the body in the future, it was hastily painted approximately 8 years ago to keep from being an eyesore. The body paint is far from perfect but looks ok. Interior was dyed to freshen it up. I had plans of having the upholstery professionally redone. The black top on the car was only meant to be temporary. It comes with a new oxford white top with the real glass window including weatherstripping. Main focus at the time was on the power/drive train. I had a 347 built. High pressure oil pump. 1.6 blue aluminum rockers. Stud girdle on the bottom end. GT-40 intake. Aluminum ported heads. Vortec V-1 supercharger running between 6-10 lbs of boost. Accessories are slightly underdriven, i have a heavier undrive pulley as well. I forget what cam it has but it lopes nicely. The car was a 5 speed but was changed to a stronger combination of C4 with reverse valve body built to handle 900hp. 4000 rpm stall converter. Rev limiter set at 6800 rpm. 7000 rpm chip is included as well. The original clutch pedal is still intact and merely tucked under the carpet. Driver side door roll cage was cut out to get hinged but was unfortunately lost. Full length tubular subframe connectors welded in. Lowered approximately 4". Sumped fuel tank with external fuel pump. Headers. Flow-master mufflers. Billet Specialties aluminum 15" wheels. The car recently got a quick ratio steering rack, interior fuel pressure gauge and wideband AFR meter. Included is a computer based tuner system. ( You Need Your Own Laptop) Tweecer RT. With this you can indefinitely modify absolutely anything over and over. 5 position switch. 1 stock, 1 can be "valet" and the others for variable tunes quickly selected. The switch is not yet mounted and is laying on the passenger floor. Customer support is transferable via a $75. payment to the company. The odometer previously stated 104,XXX. It has said that for as long as i had the car. It has not seen the road in 20 years, literally. I have a brand new NOS speedometer 160 mph to replace the failed speedo that jumped (Installed 2-20-18). I thought it may be the cable so that was changed anyway. It was first started with its current configuration about 10 months ago. The interior is not fully assembled since changes are still occurring. I have no garage to keep this project alive during the winter so less gets done yearly then i would prefer. Needs new windshield, has a crack. Included is a custom car cover with reflective piping, $700 cost. There are many things i am forgetting. Any questions feel free to ask. this is a link to see the car running. The camera didn't sound good, had a weird click but you get the idea. PLEASE DO NOT ASK STUPID QUESTIONS THAT CAN BE ANSWERED IF YOU READ. THERE IS OVER 20K INVESTED IN THIS CAR, NO I WON'T SELL IT FOR 5K but offers will be considered. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A DAILY DRIVER WITH THE FUEL ECONOMY OF A PRIUS, MOVE ON!!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY, DON'T WASTE MY TIME!Someone with more time than i have can make my loss an amazing gain.
This car is not ready to become a daily driver overnight, it was never made to be one anyway. It NEEDS a tune to match the configuration. If i can find time i will complete the tune. Everything is "there" to tune but the time to do it. The program is not like new cars with little handheld tuners with preloads, this does EVERYTHING exact to what you tell it.
38lb injectors / triple nozzleThis car may be for sale locally as well during this listing.NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED


Item location:Woodbury, New Jersey, United States
Color:Pearl White
Interior color:Black
Transmission:C4 Reverse Valve Body
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear