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1970 Ford f100 custom delux

10,000 MILEAGE

1970 Ford F-100 Description:

Quick summary of condition: Effectively new engine and trans ( both rebuilt in 2016), my current daily driver, but needs alot to actually be safe normal pickup.
To my mind history, rust and former owners have all conspired to make an almost 50 year old work of art in this truck. It comes complete with a grateful dead sticker in the center of the windshield.
Key points:
-power steering and power brakes.
-5.9 360 with original motorcraft 2 barrel carb, old school distributor etc was professionally rebuilt in a shop in 2016. All internals are new, the valves, rods, everything. Block was bored to fit everything perfectly at a machine shop. Heads are professional refurbs. I dont have paperwork on the rebuild but am in touch with the shop that did it and they'll certainly answer any questions or create whatever sort of document detailing the rebuild youd like to have.
- C6 (or c4?) Transmission was also completely rebuilt in 2016. Like the engine its also effectively new inside.
-original radiator has been re-dipped. Tires are new. Alternator, brake cylinders and some other things are less than 2 years old.
- This truck is my daily driver. I dont even own another vehicle. Its perfectly happy as it is rolling around Savannah, GA, collecting rust etc..
- BUT, but much of the truck is in original and deteriorating condition. It leaks oil at the main seal. I have driven it to virginia and florida several times, but it is almost certainly not objectively safe to do so. Consider things like the axels and wheels, springs, steering linkage etc etc are all rusty and possibly in need of restoration or replacement. It shakes a good deal between 45 and 60 miles an hour. Also the front windshield is cracked through and through. I just happen to love the windshield the way that it is, and for whatever reason the police just ignore me entirely. I drive it every day with a waist only seat belt and a broken windshield and have never been pulled over in it.
- There are a number of other issues and concerns i can point out or get you up to speed on if interested. As i meant to imply, it can continue as it is as a local driver, but if its going to last and not rust out, it really needs a new owner that cares to do preventative work and a partial restoration.
Im listing it at $3000 due to the value in the engine and transmission, and the fact that anyone patient enough to part out the rest of the truck would do quite well on it.
- you may find me reluctant to part with it. I think if i can put it with someone who just really likes it i'll probably be happy to hand it over. But hit me up regardless. I need a practical car.
- trades for interesting and or practical cars considered. Maybe a 80s or 70s old german or Japanese car in tip top shape. Maybe a prius. Or shit, just try me.
(Georgia uses bill of sale to prove ownership of antique cars. It serves as the title for the truck. For that reason this truck is bill of sale only. Im almost possitive georgia wont title an old car even if you want it.)


Item location:Savannah, Georgia, United States
Interior color:Blue
Vehicle Title:Clear