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1929 Roadster Pickup older restoration wonderful driver. Possibly free delivery?

50,000 MILEAGE

1929 Ford Model A Description:

Originally a Tennessee barn find. then combination amateur and professional restoration about 10 years ago. I purchased it 2 1/2 years ago from the person who finished the restoration living in florida. He drove it mostly in parades. I drove it across the country. with very few problems nothing major. The tires could be replaced, the horn never did sound right, I think it needs a new wiring harness as I had to do some wiring repairs, Also I am wondering how good the wiring is inside the light switch body, and the terminal box and lid could be replaced. But even like it is I would not hesitate in taking it across the country again. I did routine maintenance like changing the oil frequently every 500 to 1000 miles depending, greasing bearings, water pump and zerts and lubing trans and rear differential. I put a battery on/off switch on the floor in front of drivers seat. I can get in it any time, it starts right up and drive it 1 mile 10 miles 100 miles or 1000 miles. I have done it over and over again, its a great truck. It is an older restoration and a #3 restoration. (looks terrific 20 feet away but has many small flaws up close) if you want a perfectly restored show truck to trailer back and forth then you don't want this. If you want a fantastic looking, great running, FUN classic to have adventures in, then this is the roadster pickup for you. I paid 20k for it and had my adventure, now i am looking to buy a junky one to fully restore myself and cannot afford to keep this and do that at the same time. So it is for sale. The rock solid motor has about 11K miles on its complete rebuilt. Oh it has an alternator instead of a generator but it is still 6 volt. Located in Libby Montana, you may call me with questions 406-283-1708 bob. I may be willing, depending on things, to drive it to your location.


Item location:Libby, Montana, United States
Model:Model A
Vehicle Title:Clear