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1978 Fiat X1/9 Sharp, great shape, and well-maintained.

56,000 MILEAGE

1978 Fiat Other Description:

Purchased in 2013 from Thomas at Midwest-Bayless Italian Autowith 39,392 miles. 1.3L, 4-spd. Not perfect, but very sharp, great condition, and well maintained.

When I purchasedit came withYugo head, mild cam, performance header, 34DATR carb, custom exhaust, headlamp relay, machined Iron Cross wheels, front mud flaps, bumper blocks, 74-75 front turn signals, Crown steering wheel, late model reverse tach, and very rare FIAT side vents from UK.
I've been the caretaker of it and replaced a few parts and accomplished regular maintenance, but majority of work has been professionally done by Jon at Midwest-124 in Columbus. A great nearby resource who has done excellent work to help maintain it. Overall great shape.
2014 Front wheel bearings, front rotors, right outer tie rod end.
2016 Head milled and rebuild, carb rebuild and re-jetted, custom exhaust with new tip, timing belt and cover, right front caliper and brake line, brake master cylinder, brake master supply lines, clutch master supply line, rear cooling hoses, carb heat shield and cooling fan.
Front steel air dam replaced, fender connectors rust-coated inside, air dam and connectors re-painted.
New soft leather upholstery: seats match original limited edition style, back deck, spare and emergency brake lever covers.
Exterior lights, excluding headlights,updated to LEDs with electronic turn signal relay.
2017 Bumper blades, performance aluminum radiator, lower temp switch, front hoses,
MTL90 transmission oil, floor mats, wiper motor, upper strut mounts, camber reset, new Federal SS657 tires 175/65R13, alignment, front anti-sway bar, front trunk cable.
2018 Fuel pump and filter, carb rebuild, H4 LED headlight bulbs, timing belt, front motor mount.
Also included is complete tool kit, jack, spare keys and fob, owner's manual, service manual, wheel bearing retainer tool, and X1/9 model year poster.
In 5+ years and 15,000+ miles it's been driven on dry roads; very rarely been wet. I've never had to wash it; only polished, waxed, and detailed. CoverCraft custom fit cover also included.
Items that never bothered my enjoyment of car: cracks at dash vent, no visors (6" tinted shade film at top of windshield), no radio, speedometer off by 15mph, reads 70mph when doing 55mph, and small and tiny paint bubbles, no holes. They have remained the same for 5+ years at lower rear fenders, left front fender, top of windshield.
Drives great and rides nice. Last long trip was in July for a 3-day weekend of 480 miles. Gets a lot of attention and looks everywhere. Drive it home.


Item location:Bellefontaine, Ohio, United States
Type:Targa Top
Interior color:Tan
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear