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Classic Fiat 500F Nuova

55,400 MILEAGE
650cc ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1970 Fiat 500 Description:

Vin number: 110F2854062
For sale is my 1970 Fiat 500. This a car you have to see to believe, everything about it just makes you smile and laugh, especially once you park it right next to any car. It smaller then a classic mini but larger then a smart car. I bought this fiat while living in Germany, the fiat was registered in the Netherlands back in 1995 and was partially restored back then. After I bought it, I had it registered in Germany and used it as my daily roundabout car for errands and getting into the city. The small size of the fiat made it perfect for all the small European roads and city navigation, plus also fun to drive. I had it then shipped to Texas and it now has a clear Texas title.
The fiat has a bright yellow paint which really suits its. The paint is also in good condition. The sunroof on top is in great condition, it has no holes and no water leaks in from it as well. The tires of the fiat are in almost new condition with plenty of thread on them. The rims are a size 12" sport rims that allow for slightly wider tires for better handling.The body does have some rust. The under body of the car was renewed a few years back and is still in great condition.
The inside of the Fiat is in great shape. A new carpet was installed as well as adding matching yellow/black fiat floor mats. The seats are also in great condition and are quite comfortable. Original large steering wheel and the fiat does have the classic round speedometer instead of the later style one. Also the front seats do have seat belts. Original tool set is located in the trunk and the battery has a easy disconnect switch for storage.
The fiat drives very well, it is a 4 speed manual transmission. The engine has been upgraded from its original 499cc air cooled 2 cylinder engine to a 650cc air cooled 2 cylinder engine, giving it a upgrade from 18hp to 23hp. The transmission was also changed from its older unsynchronized gear box to a full synchronize gear box. These upgrades makes the fiat into a much better driver. The added power from the 650cc engine gives the fiat enough power to keep up with daily traffic and cruise comfortably at 55-65mph and can actually get on the highway pretty easily, though its more at home on the side roads. The synchronized gear box allow for easier shifting and no double clutching needed. The fiat starts up easily, handles and brakes very well.
Over all it a nice little driver.


Item location:Round Rock, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear