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1975 ferrari 308 gt4, Unreal Purple Dino in California

Gasoline FUEL

1975 Ferrari 308 Description:

I met a man in the Northern California redwood forest at a small collector car auction. I happened to be driving by as the auction concluded. He lived next door to the auction and we became friends. The man told me he had a Ferrari and a Porsche in the Mission District of San Francisco 100 miles away. Intrigued, I kept in touch and he finally showed them to me a year later. I would visit every few months and we would drink beer and look at the dusty cars. They had been sequestered in the dark garage for nearly 3 decades. When we first started talking he had little interest in selling them. Then, nearly a decade later, he hinted that his SF residence would soon be for sale and he wanted to get the cars out. Over the next 60 days we negotiated back and forth and made a deal. We towed out both the dusty cars and got them running. Usually we sell the best cars on BaT but this is our original home for selling old cars and this Dino is available today in a make an offer format.
The car starts right up and moves around under its own power. The brakes work well but have not been tested over 25 mph. We examined the belts very closely and they don't look compromised at all for running the car and pulling it out for photos. There is a small coolant leak at the front of the Ferrari down by the transfer tubes. We have not investigated it further. We have run the car for a 1/2 hour total and it sounds fine with no unusual noises. There is a pertronix system installed replacing the original points system. The carbs are all working fine with no fuel leaks to be found. There was 15 gallons of old but decent fuel that I drained out and replaced. The oil was changed and replaced before we attempted to start up the car. The shifting works well although I have not been out of second gear. The alternator light is on and we believe the charging system is not working. If you fixed the coolant leak and alternator you may be able to start using the car every day. The man who owned the car before us stated the engine had been entirely rebuilt by the Ferrari dealer and had a few thousand miles on it before he parked it. This we cannot confirm as there is only a few pieces of mechanical documentation. We can confirm the Dino was owned by the same guy nearly 30 years as the previous owner, an attorney, sent a dated letter with spare keys, which we do have.The body and paint are in good condition and impress all that see it. There are small flaws on the body that consist of paint bubbles and scratches and chips. There are 2 or 3 small dings that I have found. We have made the most extensive photo gallery for this car out of all our eBay auctions. I would encourage you to look at it. There is a patch panel on the underside of the front trunk. Not pictured are the plastic front shroud and spare tire. Those will be added shortly. There is some orange peel on the drivers side air intake vent that is detailed in the photo gallery. All the flaws I could find have been shown. The interior is in fair shape aside from the drivers seat bottom and an area by the shift pedal. I have not tried the radio. I have not tried the pop up headlights. The tachometer was not working, the temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge were working. The 308 will be an ongoing labor of love for the next owner as it is not fully sorted and should be looked at closely by a capable mechanic before attempting any excursions.
Thank you for checking out our Ferrari. It is our best car at the moment and we have had it 14 months. We have the title and shipping is available. Please check our feedback and this car will be sold to the first person with a good offer. We are motivated to sell, Thanks, Rus and Dan.
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Item location:El Cerrito Ca, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean