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196S Dino 5 Speed Manual Roadster

Roadster BODY TYPE
2.4L 4-Cam V6 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1959 Ferrari 196S Dino Fantuzzi Spyder Description:

Beautifully crafted Dino 196S Fantuzzi Roadster recreation! Complete alloy body with correct 4-cam 2.4L V6 engine and 5-speed ZF transmission! Unbelievably authentic in total presentation, both cosmetically and mechanically! A thrill to drive offering the evocative feeling & symphonic sound of being behind the wheel of a 1950's era Ferrari race car! This particular vehicle is an exquisite recreation of the original 1959 Ferrari 196S Dino Fantuzzi Spyder #0776. This Vehicle's history is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, but it... can be traced back to the early 90's when it was packaged as part of an asset trade towards a Gulfstream Jet, ultimately ending up in the collection of a NASCAR Racing Team Owner. At the time, the new owner was advised that this vehicle was built by a group of "Old Italian Craftsmen", based in Maranello, Italy who "went to great lengths to preserve their anonymity due to their close personal ties to Pininfarina, Fantuzzi and of course Ferrari". Others officially credit Vincenzo Marciano as the builder who would produce approximately 12 recreation examples. This being chassis #MVTR009 with Fiat engine #135C-855-586-3413. In 1999, this Dino was discreetly brokered by the Aero Toy Store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to a very well-known car collector and automotive historian, who bought the Dino as a gift to himself because he had just closed the deal to sell his private company to a much larger public corporation for a reported quarter of a billion dollar deal. The Dino remained as the center piece of this large private collection until approximately January 2012. It has traded hands only once since before becoming part of our Museum collection in July 2015. It features the 2.4L 4-cam V6 Fiat Dino engine, triple Weber velocity stack carburetors, and ZF 5-speed fully synchronized transmission with gate shifter & reverse lockout. The body was expertly crafted in aluminum alloy over a full tube chassis. The placement of every rivet, fit of every panel, and the meticulously attention to details cannot go unnoticed! The shape of the Pininfarina-designed body with Marchal enclosed headlamps, body ducting & marker lights, transparent hood scoop, chrome spoke 15" Borrani wheels, and full length Plexiglas windscreen, are all remarkably authentic! The interior design is just as genuine to the eye with cross-stitched leather upholstery over aluminum racing seats & cabin surround, authentic Ferrari instrumentation with textured panel face, real wood steering wheel, aluminum foot pedals & emergency brake handle, Talbot style racing mirror, racing fuel cap, leather hood & deck straps with polished aluminum release tabs, exposed fuse & relay panel on the passenger side dash, and more! We welcome prospective buyers to view this magnificent vehicle in person! It continues to show remarkably today with only a slight mellowing to the overall car giving it a more credible & authentic appearance overall. The engine compartment is very impressive, as is the interior layout. This vehicle is very exciting to drive, with a robust throttle response, outstanding exhaust note and classic gate shifted 5-speed gearbox! A very rare opportunity for any high level collector. Only 2 originals were ever produced for the NART Racing Circuit, and only one was said to survive. This car will likely be the closest you will get to own the real thing, with incredibly high build standards and genuine Ferrari driveline! It is street legal titled in Missouri as a 1959 Ferrari replica. Please call with additional questions or to schedule a viewing appointment. Thanks for looking!


Item location:Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Model:196S Dino
SubModel:Fantuzzi Spyder
Trim:Fantuzzi Spyder
Color:Rosso Corsa
Interior color:Black
Engine:2.4L 4-Cam V6
Drive type:--
Vehicle Title:Clear