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1989 Ferrari Testarossa Rosso Corsa Coupe 4.9L 12 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual

4.9L 12 Cylinder ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1989 Ferrari Testarossa -- Description:

25,400 Mile Testarossa DOHC 4.9L 12-cylinder 5-speed A/C Service Records /// While trading comfort for performance is a pretty common idea in the automotive realm, this low-mileage Testarossa is proof that you don't always have to choose. So, step right up and celebrate comfort AND speed in one of Ferrari's most popular models! It's no secret that the Testarossa is one of the most popular Ferraris ever produced, and much of that lore is built around the model's unique Pininfarina-penned... profile. In addition to creating a car that provided better comfort than the aging Berlinetta Boxer, Ferrari needed a serious competitor for Lamborghini's groundbreaking Countach. Hence, the Testarossa was born, and would eventually evolve to take the form of this awesome coupe. The Testarossa's retro appeal is enhanced by blocky bodywork that's pierced by aggressive louvers. And in the case of this classic, those distinctly Italian lines are graced by a fantastic coat of Rosso Corsa pigment. The most powerful engine mounted in a production sports car at the time of the Testarossa's launch, this coupe's 4.9 liter DOHC V12 is officially named Tipo F113. Combining lightweight alloy construction with Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection and Marelli Microplex MED120 electronic ignition, that longitudinal mill spins a solid 385 horsepower through a 5-speed transaxle. There's a fully independent suspension that's stopped by four disc brakes. And in front of those brakes, attractive alloys spin 255/50ZR16 BF Goodrich g-Force Sports. The interior of the Testarossa is a cocoon pf predictable, 2-tone luxury. Standard bucket seats sport rich leather hides. Between those seats, a thin console toggles a polished shifter in front of factory climate control. At the front of that console, a warp-free dash frames vintage telemetry. And in front of the driver, a simple steering wheel laps a familiar prancing horse. Call, click or visit for more information!


Item location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Color:Rosso Corsa
Interior color:Tan
Engine:4.9L 12 Cylinder
Vehicle Title:Clear