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Rotisserie Restored, Amazing Details! 426/465HP Hemi V8, 727 Trans, Killer Mopar

Gasoline FUEL

1969 Dodge Dart Hemi Super Stock Tribute Description:

Some of our favorite creations are the cars that the factory could have built but didn't. This 1969 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock Tribute is such a machine, a street version of the Hemi drag cars Chrysler built to dominate the strip. With 426 cubic inches of raw HEMI power, modern Radiant Red paint, and a power-to-weight ratio of, say, a cruise missile, it's one man's ultimate Mopar.

Dodge's flyweight Dart proved the old adage that taking weight out was just as effective as putting horsepower in. But what if you did both, then painted it bright red? Well, you'd have this incredible Super Stock tribute Dart. Built from a rust-free V8 car out of California, it was treated to the best of everything via a rotisserie restoration, professionally engineered, and fully sorted for the mean streets or the slick tracks, depending on your fancy. The little Dart is one of Chrysler's best styling efforts, clearly Mopar, but not ashamed to be mid-sized, and because of this, builders have been drawn to it since its inception. The Radiant Red paint was borrowed from Toyota's palette and means that keeping it on the DL is going to be a challenge (if the motor's bark wasn't a giveaway already), and with that gaping garage door of a hood scoop, you need to be careful that the Hemi doesn't inhale any small birds. Like all Super Stocks, stripping away weight is always the goal, so the hood and front fenders of this beauty are performance pieces from Cynergy Composites, and they were added after the entire body was media blasted and readied for that fantastic deep paint job. All the chrome was refinished to near-show standards, the brightwork was polished, and experts will note the front marker lights were deleted just like on the vintage Hemi racers of old. It's one thing to make a Super Stock or vintage pro-street ride look 'cool', but the look of this one is so darn nice, it's almost as if she was built just to be ogled, not driven. Until you hear that HEMI come to life, and then the beckoning of the open road cannot be resisted.

The interior is anything but race car basic, wearing handsome black vinyl upholstery, which includes a pair of simply gorgeous bucket seats. The Dart's original dash was retained, the panel trim re-chromed, and all the stock gauges remain as well, but they're now augmented with a dash-mounted and period-correct Moroso mechanical tachometer and a set of auxiliary instruments under the dash, a good idea with all that horsepower on tap. There is no radio and I'm disappointed that you'd even ask, because the sound of the Hemi should be more than adequate, and the factory mirror delete plate for the radio, along with the delete plate for the heater and air-box are very rare factory spec. A Hurst shifter with a reverse manual pattern has been mounted between the seats and works much better than the old SlapStick setup you might have received when this car was new. And for a further nod to Super Stocks of old, there's an original 'blue box' transistor ignition box mounted on the firewall under the dash just for show. There's no back seat of course, and the neatly painted and rust-free trunk is stripped of any added weight and carries a Mopar-issue Super Stock battery, because there's just no room left under the hood.

The reason for that is the 426 cubic inch crate Hemi that's rated at a powerful 465 horsepower. With an A&A magnesium cross-ram intake, correct re-issued Holleys, a numbers-correct aluminum water pump housing, and a lot of detailed components (there are several correct performance goodies featured, please inquire for a full accounting), it's both scary fast and beautiful to look at. The inner fenders and firewall have been smoothed and painted slick black, and all the extraneous plumbing and electrical bits have been neatly organized. And while there's no power steering or brakes, the car remains quite street-friendly. The transmission is an A&A built heavy-duty 727 TorqueFlite with a reverse manual valve body, and an 8.75-inch rear axle with 3.91s built by Dr. Diff plants the power. Heavy-duty discs and rear drums make up the ample braking system, and the ceramic-coated headers and custom dual exhaust system is a work of art all by itself. The undercarriage was painted when the car was on the rotisserie to resemble the original primer look, and with no rust, no patches, and no signs of abuse, just a clean Mopar with devastating power. It even captures the vintage race vibe with the five-spoke wheels and fat Coker radials.

With a full-blown restoration that accounted for every single nut and bolt on this Mopar, this is one brutal yet beautiful performance car that you can buy with confidence and enjoy with impunity. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
SubModel:Hemi Super Stock Tribute
Trim:Hemi Super Stock Tribute
Interior color:Black
Engine:426 HEMI V8
Vehicle Title:Clear