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Dodge Custom Four Door Sedan (1946)

Original six cylinder ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1946 Dodge Custom Description:

1946 Dodge Custom Sedan. I have a clear Utah title in my name. This is a very original 1946 Dodge Custom. It has the original radio, clock, engine, and fluid Drive transmission. The original owner's manual is still in the glovebox.The Dodge is an easy restoration project. From 1946 to 1948 Dodge and DeSoto cars were very similar. Almost all of the body parts and engine parts for these cars are interchangeable and easy to find. For example, I purchased the startersolenoid, ignition coil, and battery cables atAutoZone. In addition, the rear fenders are available on Ebay. The 1946 Dodge Shop Manual is also included with the Dodge. This is the manual 1946 Dodge mechanics used when a 1946 Dodge needed repairs. With over 1000 positive feedbacks on Ebay, Ihighly value my 100% positive feedback score. I know that buying a car on-line is a risk, and I want to new owner to know in detail thepositive and negative aspects of my 1946 Dodge Custom Sedan. With these concerns in mind, I will list of the condition of the Dodge, both positive andnegative, in detail. On the positive side: 1. The Dodge Custom is very complete and the parts, both new and used, are relatively easy to find. For example, I found a good pair of rear fenders on-line from a junk yard in Arizona for $500. plus shipping.(I didn't buy them) 2. The engine turns freely with the starter motor, and I had it fire up. The engine still needs additional attention, but it appears to be a good engine that should not need to be rebuilt. Most of the engine parts are original. 3. The body is original and is straight. The doors open and close properly, and the doors, hood, and trunk are aligned and open and close easily. 4. All of the glass is good - including both the front and rear windshields. One door window has a crack, but it is flat glass and easily corrected. 5. The grille is in very good condition. Most of the chrome is in useable condition. Some of the side chrome pieces have dents. Again, please look at the super-sized photos. On the negative side: (I will list the restoration needs in threecategories - the Body, the Engine, and the Interior. 1. The Dodge was driven into covered storage in 1992. I was told that the original owner, whose son worked at a Dodge Dealership, parked the car and gave it to his son. The son never drove or used the Dodge after it was parked in 1992. I bought the Dodge from the son, with the intent of restoring it, but the time has come to sell it. Any car sitting for a long time develops problems. 2. The body is very straight, but there are a few small dents, and rust problems in the rear fenders, and the driver's side floor. I have taken close up photos of these problems, but they are notserious problems. The overall body is in very good, restorable condition. 3. The engine is complete and very original. When I bought the Dodge, it didn't run and had not been running since 1992. I bought a new sixvolt battery, new solenoid, and a new coil. With these parts installed, the original engine turned over properly, and started. I didn't allow the engine to runbecause I didn't want the old gas to be sucked into the fuel pump orcarburetor. From the son's description, the engine was running good when parked in 1992, and from the brief time I had the engine running, it sounded fine. 4. The interior is original but tattered. Please check the photos. The seat still have the original fabric on them, but are torn and the padding is showing. The door panels are complete and are good for patterns. The headliner is also in place, but has some stains. I will gladly assist the shipper you select in having the Dodge shipped anywhere in the world. If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call. My phone number is (801) 745-5835. If you have less than five (5) positive feedbacks oneBay, please call or message me before bidding. I want this to be a good, straightforward, auction.


Item location:Eden, Utah, United States
SubModel:Four door
Color:Panama Sand
Interior color:Original
Engine:Original six cylinder
Transmission:Fluid Drive
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean