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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi

426 Hemi ENGINE

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Description:

ENGINE and drive train. It now has a steel world block Hemi ( the very best mopar hemi block made and now obsolete with the best oiling and casting ) with modern steel mopar heads with hardened seats to run pump gas and a Hemi four-speed with a full 11 inch center force clutch and an original B Body Dana sixty with 3.54 gears. With the extra one inch on each side from the B Body rear and the relocated super stock springs there is plenty of room for the monster 295/15/50 ( 12 inch) rear Tires. The engine is custom built with a Keith black gear drive and all roller components, roller cam, roller rockers, and solid roller lifters so you don't need special oil and is a non-stroker 426 engine with H beam rods and forged lightweight pistons-and file fit rings and a aluminum flywheel for fast revs and a FHO ignition with a soft rev limiter to protect from over reving. The exhaust is Hemi manifolds with a TTI three inch exhaust. Two six fifty thunder series carbs modified down to 550cfm each and a Methanol/ Water system permits using pump gas and still have 116 octane equivalent fuel on demand. ( See the picture of the methanol tank in the trunk and the O2 gauge under the dash to monitor the air-fuel ratio I figured it added about .28 cents cost to each gallon of gas, to get race gas!!!)a thousand dollar upgrade. It also has a Griffen Mopar look radiator with custom shroud and twin fans and controller, another thousand dollar option.
The steering has a custom Borgeson steering box, also a thousand dollar upgrade, tubular-upper control arms and custom adjustable strut bars, street handling torsion bars and huge front and rear sway bars front and back. Handles great for a nose heavy Hemi car and almost feels like a rack and pinion steering car with the Borgeson box. It stops great with a reproduction Hemi power brake booster, front disk brakes and 11 inch rear drum brakes. The bottom of the car is all original undercoating with all new gas, brake and e-brake lines
BODY and trim The entire car has all its original panels with small repairs on the quarters, the doors and fenders have never been rusty or repaired and I have added body wax in all the right places as well to continue to protect the cars body ( one fender and front valance are N.O.S. Replacements from many years ago, the part numbers were still showing. The trunk floor is original with repairs. The paint is fresh by me and it appears to only have had one repaint before I bought it and the original grille is restored including fresh anodizing treatment and the bumpers are re-chromed, most all of the trim is new mostly n.o.s. the tail light trim is a very nice reproduction set.
INTERIOR The interior has original door panels and they are very nice, rear seat covers and the nicest ORIGINAL dash pad you have ever seen, probably a three thousand dollar pad if you could even find one like it, the grain on reproductions just do not look like this pad, it's awesome to sit behind the wheel looking at perfect rally gauges and this amazing dash, new carpet, headliner and front seat covers make up the rest of the interior. The seat belts are original and perfect. The gauges work perfectly with a rebuilt tack that reads correctly with modern electronics and an aftermarket volt gauge since the dash harness has been bypassed so that most of the voltage goes to the battery. It has a second fuse panel on the passenger side for the extra accessories to protect from an electrical fire, something very common on these old cars. The sound system is very good with an amp in the trunk behind the collapsible spare and four speakers, the head unit works with a phone and blue tooth for music. Not an original Air conditioned car just like all real Hemi cars but yes it has air conditioning added as well, vintage air, and heat, both work great.
OVERALL This car is NOT just a bunch of reproduction body parts welded on to a rust bucket it's more along the lines of a survivor (though it looks totally restored) that has been babied for fourth nine years and I have an appraisal to support the value of the car for insurance or this sale at an honest 73k. I have owned the car for about three years and been to one big show, I came away with a best in class trophy.

I have built several Hemi cars, a572, 528, 512, 472 stroker engines and a couple of 426so I knew how I wanted this motor, stroker motors are the rage but this is the way I like my Hemi, it's very quick for the street, fast and is yet street able with a moderate idle and a stock depth oil pan with eight quarts of oil sinceit's NOT a stroker motor it holds that much oil with no fear of losing your oil pan on a bump in the road..

THE CAR over all. Itonly has about 1000 miles on it since I finishedbuilding the car so

you arebenefiting frommy labor, you would have a hard time buildingthis car for even close to what I'm

selling it for, dothe math.

You can have fun andenjoythis car for only 69,500.00 firm firm firm, no trades.

I have sold my past hemi andsix pack cars all over the world.

Call me if you have any questions at919-971-5158 eastern

Thank you

The Car onlyleaves when funds clear my bank or are wired.


Item location:Wendell, North Carolina, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:426 Hemi
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear