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1993 dodge stealth r/t turbo 3.0l

113700 MILEAGE
Hatchback BODY TYPE

1993 Dodge Stealth RT/TT Description:

1993 Dodge Stealth RT/TT AWD AWS, 3.0L V-6 Twin Turbo,all wheel drive,all wheel steer,car has 113,000 miles on it,It also has a new ATK motor installed at a dealership with only has 1800 miles on it,also new turbos,i have the receipt which was about $6000,new jester computer $650,new plugs,plug wires, fuel filter,,the car runs and drives good,everything works as it should,,but i dont know if the AC is cold yet,but it was. Basically the only problem is that it hasnt been drove much the last 2 years,i went to drive it and it was running fine then started missing,,and after diagnosing everything,or putting new on,,what it needs is a different gas tank or the tank and lines and injectors cleaned, cause from sitting the tank or lines got dirty,and some particles made it past fuel filter up to the injectors, the car runs fin, and then all of sudden it'll start missing and popping and not running right,. There is no check engine light or codes and everything has been checked,changed and diagnosed to be working correctly, and an injector was taken out and found to be dirty.. I have to many other projects and things that need done,and i want the money for a Z06 vette i bought to fix.. Car is black with dark grey leather interior,factory radio and 6 disc CD player.,body is decent just couple little door dings and a little rust bubble..I also will include the complete service manuals right from a Dodge dealer i used to work for. I also have a 1992 exact same car,black RT/TT AWD AWS that I drove for years but the water pump seized up from sitting,2nd gear was blown out so i drove it 1st to 3rd,few things were used on or for diagnosing the 93 and if an injector or whatever would be needed for the 93 you would have it,,But basically have everything to make the car whole again or use the car for parts as parts are getting hard to find. Both have clean titles .Would like to sell them together to someone. Auction is for the 93 but if the auction goes above $5700 will include the 1992 also. They are for sale locally,so may end auction early,or if you want to buy them now,email me. Deposit of $1000 threw Paypal immediately at auction close and full payment due in 3 days. i am ok with storing them till shipping is arranged or whatever,for a short time as long as long as I have full payment or close to it.


Item location:Akron, New York, United States
Interior color:Gray
Drive type:AWD
Vehicle Title:Clear