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1953 Manual

82,263 MILEAGE
218 Inline 6 ENGINE

1953 Dodge B-Series Truck Description:

With a lot of recent work and a few tasteful upgrades, this brightly finished 1953 Dodge pickup is almost too nice to be a truck. When we think of trucks, we think of workhorses and tools, not bright white pleasure vehicles, but this one is nice enough that you'll probably think twice about throwing a load of lumber in the bed. Dodge was due to give its trucks a major facelift in 1955, so for fans of the early post-war styling of this D100, here's your opportunity to pick up one of the last of the breed. The white finish is pure 1950s cool and has a lovely shine to it, and was applied over some very straight bodywork. The Dodge trucks were technologically ahead of their Ford and Chevy competition, with the faired-in front fenders that blended into the doors, and a relocated front axle that helped increase the Dodge's payload capacity, and it gives the D100 a very unique, functional look. Of course, being a truck, there's not much chrome, with most of the trim items being painted white to match the bodywork, including the grille and bumpers, but a few bright pieces makes it stand out that much more. There's also some tasteful red pinstripe work and a Vee'd windshield that really helps with the clean, unadorned shape. The refinished bed shows quite well, and it includes a set of matching side rails and a flush-fitting tonneau cover. The simple bench seat interior has been reupholstered in matching red and black vinyl, and there's plenty of room for three abreast seating inside the bright cab. The simple metal dash is painted to match the body, and the basic gauge cluster ahead of the driver delivers basic information. The 4-speed transmission is fun to row through the gears, and you can tell from the symmetrical design of the dashboard that both left- and right-hand drive models were intended. There's an aftermarket radio over on the driver's side, but it's not working and is due for an upgrade anyway. Black carpets and simple Dodge rubber floor mats make maintenance as easy as hosing it out after a day in the fields, but I think this truck's working days are over. The standard engine in half-ton Dodge pickups was the rugged and anvil-reliable 218 cubic inch flathead six, which, in stock form, made a nice, round 100 horsepower. This one looks mostly stock save for an Offenhauser split intake manifold with dual carburetors, and twin exhaust manifolds for dual exhaust. Given the gearing and intended use of the trucks, the upgrades are an excellent choice, adding power that can be used in today's traffic and never feeling over-worked. Of course, it's pretty hard to kill one of these, with their bulletproof internals, and the wiring is recent. The engine's current condition suggests that it actually led an easy life in a dry climate and it runs beautifully without any fussiness. Regular maintenance seems to have been part of the owner's recipe for longevity, and it spins to life easily and drives as it should. The brakes work well, the transmission shifts easily, and the ride is surprisingly comfortable given its age. 15-inch chrome wheels with baby moon hubcaps are the right look for a mild '50s custom, and it sits on fat 245/60/15 white-letter radials. Handsome, reliable, and fun, this unusual Dodge is a great way to enjoy the old car hobby with something that's not quite what everyone else is driving. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Model:B-Series Truck
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Black
Engine:218 Inline 6
Vehicle Title:Clear