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1977 R/T Used Automatic


1977 Dodge Aspen R/T Description:

It's unabashed '70s era fun on wheels, but this 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T has more going for it than just its nostalgic looks. It carries a number of well-selected aftermarket components that not only up its performance game, but also give it a level of dependable road-readiness well suited to frequent driving. Plus, you don't see many Aspen R/Ts on the road any more, so there's not much chance anyone will be rolling up during cruise nights behind the wheel of anything like it. You'll see it coming from a distance and you're likely to smile as you do, as its orange paint is a bright, attention-getting shade that's one very fitting representative of '70s styling sensibilities. The aggressive scoop sitting on its hood isn't just there to add vintage aftermarket cachet - it's fully functional and ushers cold air into the engine waiting underneath. There are fresh bumpers in place both fore and aft that add to this Dodge's vital appearance and, as you move closer, you'll get a better look at the fender flares and the window louvers gracing the sides along the rear roofline - a couple of additional thoroughly '70s touches that came part and parcel with this Aspen's upper-echelon R/T status. It's come through the decades in good form and well-aligned - you'll find even gaps surrounding the doors and hood and if you step to the back you'll notice the one-piece spoiler sits level on the deck lid. The gray interior beyond the doors retains its original configuration with a mix of new elements added and, as it received a thorough freshening up only a little while back, still has years of service to offer. A diamond plate instrument cluster sits amid its factory surroundings carrying a pair of multi-function MPH GPS displays showing all vital engine readings. The EFI tuning display sitting on the dash is sure to be a conversation piece for your passengers, who will also be kept nice and comfortable, thanks to the added aftermarket air conditioning system blowing through the factory in-dash vents that provide a nice, finished look. There's plenty of audio firepower on hand here - a Sony AM/FM/CD player sits in place of its original counterpart in the dash to fill the cabin with sound via an array of aftermarket speakers driven by a powerful Sony Explode amp. A Dual subwoofer sits in the center of the trunk area floor to provide all the bottom end sound you could desire. There are some nice surprises waiting under the hood. The 360 cubic inch V8 sitting in the engine compartment is original and now features a pair of Indy high flow heads on its sides and a FiTech Mean Street 800 EFI system sitting on top to boost both performance and all-weather drivability. With an MSD ignition added to the mix to maximize spark, the powerplant starts up very strong and offers a nice resonant exhaust note, pairing with a 3-speed automatic transmission that was rebuilt recently and now features a shift kit to make the most of every RPM. Several new components have also been added, including KYB shocks, subframe connectors to increase this vintage muscle car's rigidity and new brake lines. Power disc brakes with drilled and slotted rotors now sit at all four corners for maximum heat dissipation as this seldom scene classic cruises on its set of 15" Summit Legend wheels, wrapped with BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires. With its uniqueness combined with high-impact vintage style and a slew of top-tier aftermarket components, this 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T promises a lot of fun-filled miles ahead. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Gray
Engine:360 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear