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138,000 MILEAGE

1989 Dodge Daytona custom red white and blue Description:

For your bidding pleasure! I just picked up this 89' Dodge Daytona. It has a clear title and runs. Starts right up. It went real fast down my road. I am guessing I was going around 65 mph. I coulda gone a lot faster. Pretty darn good pick up for a little 4 cylinder. It also runs pretty smooth. So the clutch is fine and the 5 speed shifts fine reverse is fine. The brakes are fine. The car starts up fine. It drives pretty smooth. It is pretty good lookin underneath. Really, the undercarriage looks real good. The trunk goes up and down really good and stays up. The battery is good and strong. The rubber on the tires is good. There is not much rust at all. Only two spots are under the doors on both sides. None of the glass has any issues, no cracks or anything. It has a real nice aftermarket stereo. The seats are all solid and work as they should and the seat belts work. The lights and turn signals all work as they should including the brights. There is a very good donut spare in the trunk. So that's the good. The other good is that most of the challenges with this car are cheap fixes if you can do it yourself.Just another special note, the rocker panels look like they have some rust but it is just the exterior metal. The actual frame behind and under is in very good condition just like the undercarriage. This car is still very solid!The winner can have a few weeks or a month, maybe longer to pick this car up, no sweat. Just pay for it in full now. Just be honest about how much time you need. Also this car is being sold as is as found. But I promise that it starts and runs.
The not so good is kinda lengthy.The doors have ratchet wrenches to roll up the windows (the original window roller uppers are there but not in use). This is cause the windows don't go up so good and I think the previous owner thought this gave the driver and passenger more torque to get the windows up. The three "good" rims are kinda cool, but there are only the three, the passenger front is a regular old wheel. The muffler is a little loud. The car is filthy. The passenger rear view mirror is hangin on barely. Only the driver side windshield wiper is working but the motor on the passenger side is good, It is just disconnected or on really loose. It has a pretty nasty hand brushed paint job, nice fun theme but poor execution. The engine is dirty and has a lot of that white corrosion on it. There is a leak in the power steering but it still works. The speedometer, odometer and tach don't work. It stopped keeping mileage at 138K. The passenger door only opens from the inside. I may be forgetting something but I think I got it all. These are all cheap fixes except the muffler and the power steering and those are not that much $. Just gonna take some time.
I was told, and I believe this but you decide for yourselves. The old owner looked kinda like Uncle Sam. Tall old guy with a white beard. I even found a play Uncle Sam hat under the seat. He painted this car and drove it around the town. The guy who sold me the car said "that guy, he was proud as a peacock in that car". So there you have it. This car would be pretty bad ass if someone could do the work themselves. Again there is not much rust at all and underneath it looks really good for an 89'. I would just use it in the demolition derby this summer for kicks but you'all decide. The winner can drive this sucker away! The parts are worth it easy, you don't see these around hardly at all any more.


Item location:Washington Court House, Ohio, United States
Trim:custom red white and blue
Vehicle Title:Clear