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1988 Shelby Dodge Shadow CSX-T #940

133,000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1988 Dodge Shadow Shelby Description:

Project car - 1988 CSX-T #940 w/ all original Shelby items except for windshield decal and center caps. 132,xxx miles.Drivetrain in car is tired but still runs and drives ok.Has quite a few new parts in recent years.

I bought the car in 2012.It had been sitting for many years and did not run well.I got it running, legal and put about 1000 miles on it.When the plates expired in 2014, I did not renew them and parked the car.The car has been parked since.

A tree fell on the car early thissummer.It damaged the windshield, fender, hood.It dented the A pillar but it held up; looks like a new windshield could go right in and the driver door still closes like before with a good gap.I have confirmed the car currently still runs and drives as of the posting of this auction. It is time for this car to go to a good home and receive the repairs it deserves to return to its former glory.

Though I drove it on the road, there were several things done quickly on this car to get it rolling down the road again.This car needs completely gone through and is being sold as a project, as-is.

New parts installed with less than 1000 miles:

-Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator – $125

-Rebuilt Garrett Turbo w/ 2.5 inch swing valve, wheel clip modification – $200

-Stainless steel oil/coolant lines - $100

-4 Tires – $400

-3 inch downpipe into a 3 inch cutout - $250(factory cat back exhaust still on car)

-GValve (to 14 psi currently) – $20

-Battery - $50

-Top end rebuilt all gaskets, bolts, tuneup, temp sensor, 02 sensor, etc. w/remanufactured ebay cylinder head - $400

-All fluids changed - $40

-Factory fuel pump - $150

-All hardware; lug nuts, rubber fuel lines, exhaust bolts, after market oil pan bolts, valve cover bolts, exhaust manifold bolts, intake manifold bolts, silicone vacuum lines -$100

-Timing belt, timing belt tensioner - $50

-Descreened oil pump pickup - $0

-Shelby license plate frames, floor mats - $30

What I have noticed needs to be addressed:

-windshield, front driver side fender, body work

-leaking power steering fluid. Don’t know if it’s a line or rack/pinion

-tired engine is burning/leaking oil, has some blow by and does smoke occasionally but doesn’t knock.May be able to just re-ring or drive as is.

-needs correct under hood rubber fuel line installed

-all vacuum hoses along with wiring for the 02 sensor and fuel injectors needs to be assessed

-believe it needs a motor mount(s)

-clutch is almost completely toast but still cruises the town/highway fine if driving easy. It will slip under moderate acceleration or between any gear changes under moderate acceleration.

-headliner installed (currently have a good one)

-Shelby valve cover is installed but has a cracked ear and is currently just sealed up

-windshield wipers hang up occasionally

-needs a rubber bushing from a yunkyard car to fix squeaky hatch; hatch shocks are shot

-don’t think that the emergency brake works

-driver side exterior lower molding is off (but is included)

For those interested, I can provide more pictures, videos or address any questions via message or over the phone.

10% non refundable deposit through Paypal is due immediately upon winning auction.The remaining balance is to be paid in cash at pickup/title transfer, which must occur within the subsequent 10 days.No exceptions.

The A pillar gauge pod and air/fuel gauge are not included.

Thank you for your interest.

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Item location:Eureka, Missouri, United States
Interior color:Gray
Engine:2.2 T1
Transmission:5 speed
Drive type:FWD
Vehicle Title:Clear