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Convertible BODY TYPE
3.3 Turbo ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1978 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 Engine Very Fast Car....180 mph!!! Description:

Selling at low price Beautiful Porsche turbo picture the talk itself rare opportunity this car can be used as an every day, also very very fast Machine easy 180 mph is a pleasure to drive it! This car total cost over $103k the restoration it was done 2010. Bought on 2013 with 3,691 miles and now it has 7,133 always garaged kept! Turbo engine 3.3 liter block numbers 930.101.104.4R it runs strong. Very clean car the body paint after 9 years it still look beautiful except couple invisible minor road chips around to the front spoiler, the leather interior it also in very nice condition with the custom stiches. The power convertible it still new, the car has nice brakes she stops perfect the tires are almost new. Recently replaced new fuel pump, new accumulator, fuel filter, and rebuilt alternator with new belt, the turbo it also was rebuilt and was replaced from the previous owner. The 5 speed transmission it shifter good with no grinding! Ask $32,500 this it is a rare opportunity i selling at low price the engine alone with the transmission it was $36k, the targa 911 self it was $29k, the conversion from targa to convertible power top it was $5,500, the rear intercooler turbo tail spoiler it was $3,200, the paint body it was $10k, the Custom interior it was $8k, the 3 piece forgeline wheels with the tires the wore $7,500! Car is appraised $70k and currently classic insured for $75k! The car is ready to drive anyway if you flay to pickup in person or any question please contact me 347 631 9496.
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Item location:Staten Island, New York, United States
Trim:Turbo 3.3 Engine Very Fast Car....180 mph!!!
Interior color:Black
Engine:3.3 Turbo
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean