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Rare 1976 Datsun 280z Mechanically restored 2 seater coupe

Gasoline FUEL

1976 Datsun Z-Series Description:

I wanted to keep this car as original as possible so I had the original engine rebuilt and it has the original camshaft which they micro polished but not reground. A good camshaft should not show any wear if the oil has been properly maintained because there is no load on a camshaft so in most cases it can be polished and the bearings replaced to bring it back to factory specs. Several of the people that worked at the Nissan dealer wanted to buy it when I had them do the valve adjustment and a through inspection after the engine was rebuilt.
It has been in the garage since 1997 and only driven occasionally. I had the original rack and pinion rebuilt. I had the Nissan dealer go over the car and adjusted the valves after the engine was rebuilt. It has had a complete suspension overhaul including strut rod bushings, sway bar bushings, front and rear control arm bushings, transmission mount, and clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, the rack & pinion and mustache bar . The original 4 speed transmission has been replaced with a 5 speed. It has the same gear ratio as the original 4 speed but the 5th gear is overdrive. The edge of the front of the hood is dented on the driver side and it needs to be straightened and realigned which is a simple repair. You can see the bumper on the ground I'm planning to have it straightened and re chromed. The rubber fillers on the bumpers are cracking. I will be updating this listing after I get the car cleaned up. Also will be providing the Vin# in a few days. The carpet has been replaced and is in pretty good condition, the headliner is orignial and is in excellent condition, the rubber around the stick shift has been replaced and is in excellent condition. The rear hatch rubber has been replaced and is in excellent condition.Drives and handles like new. The driver side inside door panel is off but I have it and it is in good condition, I removed it because the driver side door sometimes locks by itself when you close it and I'm fixing it. It needs new right and left mirrors. The engine has full power and run smooth and quiet. I pulled back the seat covers so that you can see that the seats are in pretty good condition. The car is very dusty from sitting, I'll be doing maintenance and servicing it until it is sold. I have a new ignition key switch which I have not yet installed, it is very simple, only 2 bolts and plug it in. I have only 1 can of R12 for the a/c unit.


Item location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:2.8 L
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean