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1971 Dastun 240Z

114963 MILEAGE
L28 N42 Head ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1971 Datsun Z-Series 240Z Sports Description:

One owner 1971 240z.This is the late 71' model which is called series 2 and considered to be the best driving Z of the bunch.This car belonged to the original owner (and his widow for the last 5 years) from 1971 to 2019.The car came to America though the Newark NJ port and was delivered in Highland Park New Jersey at Acme Datsun which is still in business today.
I bought this car 6 months ago from a collector friend of mine that bought it from the original owners widow to resell.The car was sitting unused in a garage since 2014 when the owner passed away.I've completely gone through all the cars systems including the entire fuel system (including boil the gas tank and replace the fuel vent and feed hoses), carburetors,brakes, tune up,cooling system, master and slave cylinders for clutch,front end alignment and surely a few other things I am forgetting.The car now runs and drives beautiful and has very impressive performance.The original owner had upgraded this car with an L28 engine using the desirableN42 square port head with hardened valve seats (can burn unleaded fuel).The engine has a mild street camshaft upgrade. The engine pulls smooth and very strong to at least 6500 rpm.The original 1971 SU carbs and intake system (zero emission controls) and ignition system were retained and perform extremely well with this combination.No hesitation, no flat spots and very strong bottom end torque. It will actually smoke the tires just by stomping the pedal (without assistance from the clutch).The exhaust has a header that goes to a 2" pipe with a resonator and a Thrush turbo muffler. Combined with this camshaft the exhaust note from idle to redline is incredible and makes no interior drone noise.The intake sound from the twin carbs is also very nice thanks to the dual K&N air filters.The drivetrain including the half shafts, driveshaft and differential are 100% free of any play. None of the inherent Z car banging noises when shifting. The transmission is a 5spd close ratio box and shifts smooth as new. The clutch engages firmly at all times.The car still retains its original floorboards and both sides have properly installed patches.Picture of the floor shown is the passenger side. I'd have to remove the seat to show the patch repair.With the values of these early Z cars shooting through the roof a proper floorboard replacement would be a worthwhile investment but completely unnecessary if you just want to drive it.Paint condition is pretty much described by viewing the pictures. There is a very tiny ding in the hood right in front. There are a few very small bubbles on the passenger side rocker panel. I am sure there is a few other tiny imperfections/scratches.Nothing is notable or can even be seen in the pictures. It is a very nice quality job that was done at least 5-6 years ago.I do not have any receipt for paint job so I can not verify how long ago it was done. My guess is within the past 10 years. The wheels still show as brand new and I assume they were installed when it was repainted.Personallymy intentionwith this car was to use it as a fair weather daily driver for local runs and had no intentionto restore it. If my plan was to continue owning this my future plans was to detail the engine compartment and install a correct factory steering wheel. Thinking about it now, there are a few dashboard (gauge) light bulbs that need replacing.The suspension feels great and makes no noises. It is very possible the suspension is all original. You wouldn'tassume this by driving it and maybe it has been done.All exterior lights,gauges and(even the clock) work. The odometer reads 115k. The original owner put a hand writtennote in the cars document folder that reads 100,000 miles dated 1995. Other documents include the original owners manual and the original dealer window sticker which has been laminated for protection.While having the car sorted for personal use I had the opportunity to buy a vintage Porsche 911 that I had my eye on for years and could not pass it up.I have only one garage space available and with winter coming it would be a crime to leave this car outside. So I have no choice but to sell this.This car is ready to drive and enjoy.Fly in and drive it home.I have full confidence this car will tackle a 3000 mile trip without an issue.The drivers lower back might have an issue on a trip like that lol but the car is fully sorted and ready for anything.It is very important to me to have a completelysatisfiedbuyer. I know that its impossible to compare an "in person inspection" to pictures with a description from a stranger on the internet. I urge any perspective buyer to come see and drive this car before committingto a purchase. With that said if your an out of state or an international buyer please do not expect a $50k+ fully restored car. This is simply a very well kept 48 year old car that has NOT been restored. It shows extremely well and runs/drives perfect. I would consider this a top tier driver quality car.If you are too far away to come see it in person I will gladly send you pictures of any area you would like to see and discuss by phone any questions you have but please don't waste my time if your not looking to buy it.Ebay has a picture limit. Otherwise I would have posted many more pictures.The car is also advertised for sale locally for $24k. If the buy it now option is used the car is yours and the local ad will be ended.International buyers are welcome. I will assist with transporting the car in any way I can.Ownership paperwork is clean and clear and still in the original owners name.


Item location:Mount Sinai, New York, United States
Trim:240Z Sports
Interior color:Black
Engine:L28 N42 Head
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean