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1980 datsun 280zx 10th year Anniversary Black Gold limited addition

Gasoline FUEL

1980 Datsun Z-Series Description:

I purchased this brand new in 1980. My drove it for a few years on our dealer plates and then we parked it in a garage and it has been there for over 30 years. Everything is original on car as was when I bought it except the t-tops that where stolen when she was still driving it. I purchased new ones but the ones with black moldings where not available so I got the polished ones and was going to take them and have them made black but that never got done. Car runs and drives and everything works, windows, door locks,cruise control gauges,ETC,ETC,ETC.I never tried the tape player LOL I had to put a new fuel pump on it and I replaced the plug wires other than that it is the same as when I Parked it 30 years ago. It idles a little rough but drives down the road fine. I have drove it about 15 miles in the last week since I got it out. There are a few small scratches and dents on it as you can see in the photos. No rust on rockers or fenders. There is rust around the windshield frame that will need fixed. I showed the spots in the photos. All the leather on seats is in good shape but the stitching has fell apart. Not sure if they could be taken out and have them restitched using the original leather material. Dash is not cracked up and is in good shape. If you need any more info call me. Dan 765-426-6308


Item location:Okeechobee, Florida, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear