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1980 Datsun 280ZX 2+2

249387 MILEAGE

1980 Datsun Z-Series Description:

I bought this with plans to make it my weekend hotrod. But a more desirable project has come along and I don't have room or resources for two toys. So this has to go.
The story I got when I bought it is that they were just driving along and it started overheating. So they parked it, had it towed home, and never drove it again. It sat in their back yard for fifteen years before I came along.
All I've done is wash some of the stank out of it, haven't laid a wrench to it. So I can't tell you what has been done to it over the years. I do know the wiring is more jacked up than it should be for a car that was supposedly a daily driver when it was parked. There is a hole in the radiator that I found when I tried topping it off. That could explain their overheating story. The oil is very milky also. But that could be condensation built up in the pan from fifteen years of sitting. I haven't done a compression test or any other diagnostics because I've been too busy chasing major issues with my daily driver to worry about the toy.
The body is in decent shape. There are some rust spots here and there. There's also one fairly large dent in the quarter panel. But if it didn't scare me, it probably shouldn't scare you.
I'm not looking to make a killing here. I genuinely hate to see it go. If it wasn't for something else that I've wanted for a long time suddenly coming available I wouldn't be listing this. Hopefully someone else will give this ZX the home it deserves.


Item location:Arlington, Texas, United States
Interior color:Blue
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear