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1977 Datsun 620 EXTRA CAB Description:

OK I purchased this truck in August of 2016 after I saw it at the barrett-jackson auction at mohegan sun I was no able to buy it then because Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage bid on it an won. Once he shipped it to his shop it was put on auction I purchased it and have had a lot of fun with it. The truck was built back in 1977 by kolor me kustom in the pictures you will see the info from the auction that was on the window. I remember this truck from when I was in my teens and saw it in magazines. So I went on a hunt and found one magazine called ultra truck from 1988 and he truck looks exactly the same as it does now! So all the custom work done back in 1977 has stood the test of time. Although it's not perfect since it's 40 yrs old I still managed to win a best paint at a local show in my area. The body mods include but not limited to custom front nose modeled from a chevy monza custom sun visor with hand punched louvers custom wheel flares louvers hand punched through the hood and the back of the cab and front of the bed and cap have been cut out to create a full pass through truck just like a van. All the add on parts I just listed are hand made in 77 and are all REAL STEEL no fiberglass bolt on's here they weren't available back then. The truck has a set of true spoke wire wheels and they have a set of bf goodrich tires on them. The exhaust is single but has a flowmaster for a little sound from it's original engine that was supposed to have been rebuilt but I have no paperwork to back that up. Please read the listing from the auction in the picture section to learn more about this very cool one of a kind custom truck! Feel free to ask me anything you want to know I have the paperwork that I purchased it from Gas Monkey Garage and I have other pictures of the truck at the auction with Rawlings bidding on it that I took off the tv event. The truck did have a moment as a backround shot on fast and loud. it was when they where building a bike to take and race on the beach in wildwood nj.


Item location:Mohegan Lake, New York, United States
Model:620 EXTRA CAB
Vehicle Title:Clear