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Early '70 Nissan Fairlady Z & '72 240Z Package Deal, Projects, Super Rare!

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1970 Datsun Z-Series Nissan Fairlady Z Description:

Please take the time to read thru everything...the majority of the pics (21 of the 24 allowed) are of the more important car, the Fairlady Z. Three pics of the 240Z basically show that it is overall a very good car to work with (missing center console). I can provide more pics of any areas of either car upon request to serious buyers.

Feel free to make an offer to end early. Moving and can't take with me.

I had every intention of restoring these but we've decided to sell our river house and move to the ocean, and I'm losing 90% of my parking areas. The first car I'm mentioning is very special! This is a true late '69/early '70 production "Japanese Market Only" Nissan Fairlady Z, vin# S30-01036. VERY early car!!! Extremely rare in the US!!! The history I have (as told from previous long time owner of 30+ years) is it was purchased originally by a GI in Japan in 1970, then a few years later (around 1975) he had Nissan or the dealer (not sure which) convert it from Right Hand Drive over to Left Hand Drive before shipping back to the states. That's a huge job, and the consensus from the Z club members I've corresponded with say it's probably more rare in the states as a RHD car that's been converted to LHD and to leave as is. The original firewall with VIN engraved is still present in the car (see pics). You can see where the old holes for steering, pedal cluster, etc were covered and the hood/wiper cowl was swapped for the wipers to be properly positioned with the conversion. Anything can be changed back, but that's your call. The car was raced (I'm assuming as an amateur) over in Japan hence the roll bar and passenger foot brace), then again in the states. Again, this is what I was told by the previous owner of nearly 30+ years. The last time it was registered and on the road was 1981. The car was originally red, and later painted black. What's left of the interior is a brown diamond tucked patterned vinyl, not original to the car, as it would have been black. No title, no keys. Car is being sold with Bill of Sale only. Read below for details.

The original 2.0 liter engine (pre-2.4 liter 240Z engine), tranny, hood and headlight covers are out of/off the car and I don't have possession of them, but I "may" be getting them over the next few months. No guarantees though. Long story, but the older man I got the car from was having some personal issues and it seems it's not priority to get them for me (in storage several hours away from him, and he's 7 hours away from me!). I'm hoping I will get them, just not sure when. If I do get them, I will contact whomever buys these and give them first right of refusal to purchase at a lower price before selling on the open market. Overall the body isn't that bad. The transmission tunnel is very solid, as is the spare tire well. Frame is decent as well. The front fenders are original, and the rusty spot on top of both fenders (only shown in one of the pics) is from where the original far forward fender mounted mirrors used to be and closed up when the conversion was done. They were removed and the standard door mounted mirrors were put in place. Neither sets came with the car when I acquired it. Floors and rockers will need redone. The dash, console, and seat belts are from a later 280Z (1975 I believe, when the conversion was done in Japan). No seats for this one.

The Fairlady Z is missing a few things, but that's where the 240Z donor comes into play (or restore that one as well and have 2 killer rides!).

The '72 240Z is overall pretty solid, but has been sitting for 30+ years outside. Keys were lost and we had to remove the lock cylinder to get the steering wheel to unlock in order to maneuver and load onto my trailer. It too will need floors, rockers, and general restoration. Pretty nice car though all things considered. The engine was rebuilt just prior to putting it away many years ago. The older gentleman rebuilt it for his son that was also oversees in the military for when he came home. The son however decided to buy a newer ZX upon arrival to the states and the car sat. It originally was that bronze color. It's a nice unmolested Z that appears to have never been hit. Interior is complete minus the center console. No title. Also sold with a Bill of Sale only. Again, read below for details.

My original plan was to restore both separately. But, since many parts are interchangeable I'm selling this as a package deal. I prefer not to break the package up, but if the right offers come along I might consider it. Again, I'm moving so creating less things to move/find a place to store is my motivating factor.

Something else very rare and very cool...the Fairlady Z is wearing an authentic early 70's Nissan factory G-nose which is in really good shape. This was not a "ZG" factory car, but it is a real deal factory Nissan Fairlady g-nose and is an original, not a reproduction! The top panel between the headlight buckets needs 2 small repairs around the edge closest to where the hood would butt against it. The other 4 pieces are excellent. Correct mounts and original hood hinges as well. What you see is what you get, but it's an incredibly rare and sought after Z! Obviously these cars don't run or drive, and must be picked up with a trailer equipped with a power winch preferably. I will work with your shipper, at your expense. For International buyers I will be happy to deliver to your shipping/customs broker near the Port of Charleston for a small fee.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right buyer. Super rare! Super cool! When will you ever see another opportunity like this?! And again, neither have titles. They are not stolen and were acquired 100% legally. It was a very sad experience for the previous owner to let these go as these were "his babies". He is elderly, and unfortunately having several life altering things going on forced him to make the very difficult decision to let them go. Now sadly I must do the same. Someone is going to have a very special Z car in their collection!

Both cars are sold with a Bill of Sale only, but as you may know there are many avenues to get a title issued quite easily. Note: I had to list "clear title" in the details section, but there are no titles.

Don't let this opportunity pass you up! I will gladly work a deal out with International buyers, but you must be willing and able to pay for the car in full when the auction ends and allow me to go thru the process of getting a title (takes about 45 days). ***They cannot go thru customs without titles, so if you're International understand this. I'll help in any way I can. I'll have to store the car elsewhere since I'm moving. That storage fee will also need to be taken into consideration.

I'm assuming if you've read this far you know how RARE this Fairlady Z is and it's investment potential, especially if I can get the original drivetrain. I'm just not making any promises because I've been reaching out to the previous owner for months trying to get together again to get everything. Domestic buyers can do the same as I'm offering for International buyers...pay in full, wait for me to acquire titles, then take delivery of the cars. Or, simply buy them and go thru the process yourself. It's quite simple. Whether International or Domestic, if you choose the option for me to obtain titles, the cars would need to remain in my possession for the State Police to come do a VIN verification, and a few other hoops I'll have to jump thru. I did it a few months ago for a '65 Jaguar XKE Series 1 Roadster, and the process was seamless. I had the title in about thirty days and it didn't cost much at all. I hadn't gone thru the process to get titles yet because they were on my back burner for restoration. Now with our move to the beach, my plans have changed.

Please only bid if you are financially able to pay in full within 3 business days. $500 PayPal deposit due immediately following end of auction. Please, no games bidding and then never paying. That happens WAY too often on here! All sales final, no returns. No warranties of any kind. I'm a private collector/restorer selling off these due to a move. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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NOTE: EBay's system is having a glitch and the picture pack/supersize photo option isn't working. They are aware of the system-wide problem and are working on the fix. In the meantime, if you need the images larger to see details, please feel free to message me with your cell# or email address and I'll forward the pics directly. I apologize as this is out of my control, and I completely understand as I'm frustrated as well that you won't be able to see details. Thanks, Dan


Item location:Conway, South Carolina, United States
Trim:Nissan Fairlady Z
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear