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HydroPneumatic Suspension/Rarely Seen/132.7ci 4 Cyl/Front Wheel Drive/Jump Seats

Station Wagon BODY TYPE
132.7ci ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1969 Citroen D21 Luxe Station Wagon Description:

1969 Citroen D21 Luxe Station Wagon 
For consignment, in its elegant insect like shape we give you a 1969 Citroen D21 Luxe Station Wagon. Hydropneumatic suspension, disc brakes and a 4 speed manual transmission, you are in the mind of the mid engined, front wheel driver, designed by Flaminio Bertoni. All in very nice condition, probably the smoothest ride you will experience, and plenty of cargo or passenger space which can be converted in a snap.
In all its organic form, we see two tone maroon with a gray roofline and rear tailgate paint. The body panels are just slightly off and doors hang fairly straight. Save for a trimming that has fallen off the drivers door, (which is included), the bumpers and trimmings are nice and shiny, along with the full fledged roof rack adorning the long sleek roofline. Panoramic glass is there for viewing the outside as you whisk along very smoothly on those winding back roads. Encased head lighting leads the way for the wide toned organically influenced front of the car. A nicely circular curved bumper frames the bottom of the lead of the car, and the lazy V shaped hood is nicely rounded. The front glass wraps around slightly and a chromed mirror hangs off of each door in the front of the automobile. The long spacious rear storage/fold down dual jumpseat back of the car tends to square off a bit and as it turns to light gray we see vertical oriented tail lighting on either corner presenting in Dixie cupped red, yellow and white lights. A simple straight bumper is on the back and remains nice and shiny, and the tailgate lifts easily for plenty of rear access. The car floats on 185R15 redline tires covered by chromed squared off dog dish style wheel coverings.
Dee-esse means goddess, and inside we can experience some more heavenly curves starting with the door panels. Here we see shiny maroon painted steel uppers and lowers, all rust free. Inside this steel frame are some futuristic armrests fashioned from black vinyl. An interesting door handle is positioned on the upper front of each door and takes a bit of getting accustomed to for its operation. The window crank is here too also with a white plastic attached storage tray. Climbing inside over the wide sill we can take a seat in nicely preserved black vinyl two individual seat benches with intricate multi position headrests. These are finished with a nice tuck and roll black and white square pattern tweed inserts. A long rear bench stretches from door to second door in back and presents in the same pattern, only with no headrests. This bench can be folded down for a clear open storage space for plenty of gear. Also the back space opens up to reveal two jump seats that can accommodate more passengers. Upfront, the angled dash presents very easy to read and reach for various controls at the touch of a button. An interesting single arm steering wheel comes about from the column and is a typical Citroen feature which is very futuristic looking. A horizontal AC unit hangs from the bottom of the dash and hovers over a sea of clean black carpeting, and above is a nice tight mold cloth covered headliner.
Under that wide hood resides a 132.7 ci 4 cylinder engine. It is in an unrestored but clean engine bay, has a 1-barrel carburetor on top and a 4-speed manual transmission on back with a 4.38 frozen drive axle. The spare tire resides here as well front and center under the hood.
Underneath we see plenty of patina steel undercarriage. There are some invasive rusted areas on the rockers, causing some concern for structural stability. Most of the undercarriage is steel coverings due to no drive shaft making its way to the back. Some green colored "bomb" like structures are in each wheel providing the hydropneumatic ride. Disc braking is on front and drums for the rear. The exhaust is a bit surface rusted as is the factory style muffler underneath.
I slipped in with much anticipation as these cars are always a blast from the past to drive and this car fired right up, and after allowing the suspension to lift me to the proper ride height I was off like a french dress. The car ran and shifted smoothly, had a flawless ride, and shifting was very smooth and easy. A round brake pedal is just a bit unusual to get used to but it does stop the car on a dime. The head and tail lights were not functioning, as was the horn and clock were not working. There was a slight scrape from the single arm which holds the rounded steering wheel, presumably scraping on the column mounting, but it was very slight.
Very organic and much like it takes most of its inspiration from the bug world, this quirky but interesting piece of French innovation is up for the taking here in our Hallowed Halls. Se BON!
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Model:D21 Luxe
Type:Station Wagon
Trim:Station Wagon
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:--