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1966 Citroen ID19 Restoration Candidate

102016 MILEAGE
Original 4 cylinder ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1966 Citroën Description:

This is a very solid, very complete 1966 Citroen ID 19 sedan. I have had Citroens for 45 years and have a collection comprising most of the historic models. I found this car on Craigslist and bought it immediately after doing an evaluation for rust: all indications looked really good. It was trailered to my private shop in Kirkland where I put it on a lift to see how solid it really was. There is rust on the rear trunk slam panel. Most D models with the large foam export seal on the trunk lid have this problem as the foam holds water and it has no where to go but onto the slam panels. Decades of being wet has caused this to rust. Miraculously the trunk itself is very solid.
The most concerning place for rust in a D model is where the rear trailing arms attach to the frame. On this car these area seem completely solid. The overall frame is solid with some surface rust on the bottom. There is some rust holes on the front floors by where the driver and passengers' feet would go. Also some holes in the internal side members and into the box where the exhaust resides. These are traditionally areas where water has sat and is not structural. The car seems to have been bought new in Oregon and last on the road in 1974; and I don't believe Oregon used road salt in the winter and that's what saved this car.

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[isdntekvideo] I have not done an extensive review of the car but it's available for you, or someone else, to inspect it on the hoist. I obviously can't guarantee my evaluation so please inspect yourself or have someone do it for you.

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[isdntekvideo] The engine doesn't turn; I have poured some Marvel Mystery oil and automatic transmission fluid in the spark plug holes but it still doesn't turn. The car needs a full restoration in any case so not sure why I did that anyway!

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[isdntekvideo] I'd hate for the car to be parted out as it's such a great car to restore. I personally love the early single headlight cars with no external trim. A white ID with a bright interior, to me, is an amazing D model. Also, the ID is significantly easier and cheaper to restore than a DS or DS Pallas.
Why am I selling it? I have over a dozen Citroens and am doing 2 restorations now and have another DS set up to start. I really hope this car finds a good home. I've found 3 other really nice 'low rust', complete D's over the past 4-5 years; and all have gone to good homes with two restored professionally to new. These people wanted to invest in a car with little to no structural rust which is what these cars were.

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[isdntekvideo] I removed seats so I could have a good look at the floors. The seats come with it but the interior needs to be redone. New interiors can be bought by numerous suppliers in Europe at reasonable cost. I love finding old cars, bringing them home, digging into them and their paperwork/history, and then typically sell them on. Hopefully I make a few bucks to cover all the costs and time but frankly I enjoy seeing the cars get restored and enjoyed again versus being parted out.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I've been in the Citroen clubs in the US and Canada for 45 years and know most of the fanatics, where to find parts, expertise etc.
I run a small dealership in Kirkland called FOUND Motorcars LLC. This car will be sold from this dealership so sales taxes are payable on final selling price if sold to someone in Washington State.
THE CAR IS SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE ONLY AS IT DID NOT COME WITH A TITLE WHEN I BOUGHT IT. Note that eBay does not have a 'No title' option so I had to select Salvage even though it DOES NOT have a TITLE! .
I will help with shipping but realize it does roll but no brakes, etc. It needs to be picked up within 2 weeks of final sale or we will charge an extra $150 per month to leave it on our lot outside, no insurance/ liability etc.


Item location:Kirkland, Washington, United States
Interior color:Blue
Engine:Original 4 cylinder
Vehicle Title:Salvage