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1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi Red 5-speed

Gasoline FUEL

1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi Description:

Beautiful 1987 Chrysler Sonquest TSi with 69,195 original miles for sale. Red with black leather interior.
I purchased the car in September 2008 with 52k from the second owner. Shortly thereafter I found the fuel in the tank had gone bad, the tank was steam cleaned and a new fuel pump and filter were installed. After that was fixed the injectors began leaking and were replaced with a set from Fuel Injector Clinic, as well as the clips.
(I still have the original injectors.) All the fluids, filters, belts, hoses, thermostat, 02 sensor, PCV valve, distributor cap, rotor, plugs (NGK iridium), plug wires, brake rotors and pads were replaced. The oil has been changed yearly with Castrol Syntec 10-30 and it has 60 distilled water/40 antifreeze. The differential and transmission fluid
were replaced at this time with Catrol Syntec products, again in 2013 and again in the spring of 2018.
The throttle body was rebuilt/given all new gaskets/o-rings in 2014. Valve adjustment was checked and valve cover gasket was replaced.
Turbo oil feed line was replaced in 2015.
In 2015 I replaced the front shocks (gas charged) shock tower caps, steering gear box, tie rods, sway bar bushings (kit and D bushings from Engine Machine Service) master cylinder and put 4 new Yokohama Avid Envigor All Season tires on after an alignment. (This was done at 66k) Brake, clutch and power steering fluid was flushed
and changed at this time.
All vacuum lines were replaced in 2017 as well as the spark plugs.
In 2018 the AC clutch went bad, after finding that no parts stores stock the correct model and that no cross reference was available for any number I found I purchased a used compressor off of eBay, removed and flushed the entire system, replaced all of the o-rings with R-134 rings and replaced the dryer and refilled with R134.
The AC and climate control system work as they should. The water pump started leaking that summer and was replaced as well and the differential and transmission oil changed again.
The sale includes the original ad, brochure, owners manual, and all 3 volumes of the official factory service manuals as well as a book collecting all of the road tests of Starion/Conquests of the 80's. I also have an original Mitsubishi key.
I have most of the receipts from my ownership, except for the shocks and AC compressor, and some from the previous owner denoting a valve check/adjustment at 55k and tire replacement.
As long as I have owned it the car was always warmed up before driving and the turbo allowed to spin down before shutting off and it was never driven in snow.
Everything works as it should except what is listed below:
The hatch and gas cap only open with the key (the cables need to be adjusted)
The cover for a dash bolt is missing as it broke when removed it once and I haven't found a new one.
There are 2-3 chips on the rear quarter panel in front of the rear tire on both sides, 1 on the passenger side mirror and one on the front in front of the hood, all smaller than a quarter, some are touch up painted.
The front spoiler is cracked and scuffed.
The clear is peeling on one corner of the rear bumper and there are some scuffs in the center of it.
Windshield has a small crack below the windshield wiper line.
Carpet has a worn spot near the dead pedal.
The wheels have some scratches
The passenger side front spring turns independently in wide turning and makes noise occasionally, the spring will most likely need to be replaced.
The cassette deck doesn't work (I will include a Sony stereo with a cable adapter for installation, it has a 1/4 plug for an MP3 player or phone)
The drivers side door doesn't lock/unlock when the passenger side door is locked with the key. The box inside that controls it has a spring that was loose the last time it did this and I fixed it, but it might need a replacement control box.
There is a small hole in the drivers seat.
The converters are gutted, the exhaust is factory and the bodies are still there and it shouldn't matter as the car is over 25 years old, but I am not sure of the emission regulations of anywhere else.
The steering wheel buttons are chipped
The hood rod grommet is loose.
One strut cap cover is missing.
It is an excellent low mileage unmodified car. Reserve is less than the Buy it Now price.
I have more pics and a video of the engine running from both inside and outside of the car in a zip file I will email anyone who is interested.


Item location:Springfield, Missouri, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear