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1962 Chrysler Newport 4dHT

1234567890 MILEAGE
hardtop BODY TYPE
383 2bbl (1970) ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1962 Chrysler Newport Description:

Found this one on CL in Las Vegas, Grandson shipped it out from Missouri about 10 yrs ago. It was his mothers who had got it from her parents who had got it from a couple that had willed it to them about 20 yrs ago. It had been painted and the interior had been done before it was willed to the grandparents. When it got to Vegas the grandson hired a mechanic to come work on it at his house. For the next two years he paid the mechanic to pull the drive train to "freshen it up" ie new gaskets, seals, paint, belts, hoses etc. They also had the radiator re-cored(3 row), brake booster rebuilt, carb rebuilt, new Tri Y headers and mufflers and pipes, fuel pump, water pump, new gas tank and sending unit. He also replaced the brakes on the rear and installed disk brakes on the front along with all suspension parts... Although the project was moving along(almost 2 yrs) the mechanic didn't seem to be wrapping things up... couldn't get trans to shift, couldn't get brake lines wrapped up, couldn't get it to start with key etc etc. So after a small fortune he told the mechanic to take a hike. The car then sat in the garage for the next 6 yrs until last fall when he decided to list it on CL. I'm retired and have been doing mopars for almost 50 yrs. Right up my alley to right this ship. Re-did a lot and finished what needed to be done... Brake lines, dual master cylinder and proportioning valve, shifter cable adjustment, re route trans lines, re do rear brakes, replace taillight assembly, install trunk floor etc. Took it on our yearly rte 66 'Fun Run', about 300 miles May 5th. Ran real nice but pulled to the right a little and rpms bounced around while going down freeway with no load. Had it aligned and that solved the pull and diagnosed the engine problem to be a loose timing chain(who pulls a motor to freshen it up and doesn't put a chain and gears in!!!) so last week I did a timing set and it now runs super. All lights work including luminescent dash lighting and turn signal stick and cancel systems. Radio works, heater blower motor checks out but push button switch is bad, that and the clock are the only things not working. Very comfortable and enjoyable ride. I've put in 2" lowering blocks in the back and dropped the front torsion bars to give it a lower stance, if you want I'll raise it back up.Since it's from the Mid-West it does have a little bubbly going on down low as seen in the pics but nothing bad like a East coast car full of rot from salted roads. The Hood appears to have been repaired on the right leading edge and bondo has cracked. The decklid has rust in the rear lip but I do have areal nice replacement that I'll throw in. Fly into Vegas and drive home. I'm 100 miles south.


Item location:Kingman, Arizona, United States
Interior color:Green
Engine:383 2bbl (1970)
Vehicle Title:Clear