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Classic white exterior, tan leather interior combo. Iconic 392 Hemi

120000 MILEAGE
392 Hemi ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1957 Chrysler 300 Series 300C Description:

I'mlisting this for a co-worker (before we both retired) and longtime friend, he hasn't sold on e-bay before, so I offered to help write up the description and post it up here.

He was getting ready to ad a car to his growing collection 13 years ago, and asked my opinion between two cars he was looking at.I suggested the 300C, which he ended up getting.I always liked the clean lines of the 57-59 300 letter cars.They weren't as garish as some of the other models at that time, more of an "honest" look, I thought.And under the hood sat that magical 392 hemi.I remember the first time he gave me a ride in it.He slid the key in the ignition.He reached his left hand to the push buttons there.Oh yeah, push button transmission, I remembered.He pushed the "N" button that doubles as the engine start button.The engine rumbled to life.The car felt like we were floating.But there was always that rumble, so you could tell, if asked, the car would just jump when you got on it.

I moved from Colorado Springs to Reno, but Joe would e-mail me, telling me about the car events he would take the 300C or one of his other cars too.They always seem to draw some nice attention/comments (and trophies).He's retired, so he has time to look after them, and he tends to collect the kind of cars that stand out at a car show anyway.

So, here is his description of the car.Note:the car is in Colorado Springs, CO, not Reno, NV

Contact number for owner is: 719-389-1613


It was the mid 1950s, and in the afterglow/optimism of America and our allies' victory in WW 2, it was a new era as the auto industry ramped up production after the war. To celebrate, American automakers showcased futuristic styling exercises at the annual auto show extravaganzas. There was an air of excitement as consumers waited to see the latest advancements that carried over into the showroom. Each manufacturer put forward a model that represented the best of what they had to offer. Lincoln with the Mark II. Cadillac with the Eldorado. Chrysler had the 300 "Letter" Series.During the production run for the letter series (1955-1965) these cars were never that common, with annual production as low as 400 (1963) and peaking out with 3,647 built in 1964.

Introduced in January 1955, the first of the Letter Series cars, the Chrysler C-300, merged striking styling with advanced engine technology. The 331 cubic inch hemi head design used in the 1955 C-300 was chosen for it's high performance. In 1957, the displacement increased to 392 cubic inches for the 1957 Chrysler 300C which became America's most powerful car in 1957, pulling 375 horses from its iconic 392 CID Hemi.

I wanted a "C"since I saw my first in early 1957 when I was 14 years old. Finally, in 2006, I was able to get one. This one was delivered to Northwest Motors, Helena, MT right after it came off the line on January 19, 1957 and was used a personal car by the dealer. It's in the classic "Cloud White" with the correct Gary Goers beige leather interior colors. The seat leather was replaced with the correct pattern/colors in 2005, still shows as new with no cracks, splits, or fading.Options include AT, PS, PB, Music Master radio, Solex glass, Left Outside Mirror, and Instant Heat Heater (most appropriate for a Montana car).Until I got it in 2006, it remained a Montana car and I am its third registered owner (after Northwest Motors).

The gentleman from whom I purchased it provided some information about its life in Helena. It's had one re-paint, with the correct DuPont acrylic enamel, the finish remains immaculate. The heads have been redone with new exhaust valves, guides, springs, keepers, etc., with the factory hardened valve seats of characteristic of the high performance hemis of 1957. Glass is all good.

Under my care, it's kept in a climate controlled warehouse, taken out for cruise nights and car shows.

This car (VIN3N571203, engine No.3NE570443) is a particularly fine example of the marque and was shown at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Concours d'Elgance held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs in 2007.

The odometer currently reads about 84,000 miles.Actual mileage is around 120,000 miles, the previous owner had the speedometer/odometer rebuilt at around 36,000 miles.

I encourage anyone to come inspect it, have a representative inspect it, or if you want to make arrangements with a local shop, I'll drive it there for them to inspect.

I feel that this is one of the nicer ones out there.Mechanically, I wouldn't be afraid to fly in, jump in it, and drive it back home.


Item location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Model:300 Series
Interior color:Tan
Engine:392 Hemi
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear