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Pickup (Truck) BODY TYPE

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Description:

Regular readers already know that a lot of handsome Advance Design pickups run through our showroom, but very, very few of them are as nice as this '54 Chevrolet 3100. With incredible black diamond paint, a peppy small block, and a lot of tricks up its sleeve, this is the one you've been waiting to own.We've said it many times before: if you're going to paint it black, you need to invest the extra time to make it straight. Well, the guys who built this truck did exactly that, spending nights and weekends in the body shop sanding the sheetmetal. Then they sprayed several coats of the blackest paint you've ever seen, and spent another few late nights wet sanding and buffing it to bring up a brilliant shine. So you know it's nice. The other thing it is, is slick. No graphics, no flames, no distractions from the clean shape that looks flat-out awesome. Some of the trim has been shaved, but the stuff that remains was restored, polished, or replaced (including the grille and bumpers), and the final result is so good that you don't really notice what's missing without another truck parked right next to it. This one just looks right. The bed is neatly restored and doesn't have a wooden dance floor, but a steel floor you can actually use, although it, too, is so nicely done that you probably won't want to. Finally, it's all topped off with a bright red pinstripe around the cab, just to add a splash of color.It's also comfortable, thanks to a nicely finished and elegantly simple interior. The original bench is gone, replaced by a pair of handsome black buckets with subtle red stitching (that matches the exterior pinstripe very nicely) and with handsome matching door panels, it's easy to forget this is a classic pickup truck. Black tie it together in a rather handsome way, and the non-stock tilt steering column is fitted with a late-model OEM wheel that continues the factory-built theme. Custom gauges were installed behind tinted glass that gives them a very trick look and there's a transplanted OEM console between the seats that adds cup holders and some storage. There is no radio, which hearkens back to when it was new, but it does have a neatly installed A/C system that blows ice cold, making this truck a great choice for long hauls. As you'd expect, this Chevy still carries Chevy power, a 305 cubic inch V8 in this case. It's got a vintage performance look with three 2-barrel carburetors, little air cleaners, and finned valve covers, but everything else is very up-to-date. The engine bay is very nicely finished, offering smoothed inner fenders and firewall, all of which are slathered with more of that deep black pant, providing a great backdrop for the bright bits on the engine. Power front disc brakes with a modern master cylinder provide vastly improved stopping power and a custom dual exhaust system that ends in tips from a NASCAR stocker give it an authoritative voice. A sturdy Tremec 5-speed manual transmission (with a kick-@ss tall shifter) and a 10-bolt rear round out the powertrain, leaving you with no worries about reliability and transforming it into an easy high-speed cruiser. Finally, custom steel wheels with painted rims that look like trim rings and stock hubcaps retain the commercial-grade look while wearing modern 235/75/16 blackwall radials.So yes, we sell a lot of these. But not a lot of them measure up to the standard set by this one. So if you're looking for a great one, it's just arrived. Call now!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Type:Pickup (Truck)
Interior color:Black
Engine:305 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear