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1967 Camaro RS Big Block 4 speed

396 C.I. Naturally aspirated V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Description:

Is the Chevy Camaro the most consistently collectable car of all time? From day one, it seems they were highly prized by their owners, which certainly explains the remarkable survival rate. Today they’re always in demand and while there are a lot of neglected, sad, and abused specimens out there, the nice ones seem to have a long list of potential suitors always in the ready. When this snarling red 1967 Camaro RS coupe showed up, for example, we had more than a few people stop in our drive just to admire it.
This car has good bones, having been in the same collection for more than 20 years. It’s a pedigree car and it’s got laser-straight bodywork. A true RS car, it has a fantastic look with the cojones to back it up, and with this unusual color combination, it really stands out in an already crowded field. The red lacquer paint is complemented well with old school silver metal flake pearlescent rally stripes. It appears someone spent a lot of time on the bodywork and it fits together better than most Camaros you’ve seen. You’d spend thousands getting a project car to this level before you even sprayed a drop of paint! The RS stripes down the hood and across the trunk are painted on and buried under the clear for a seamless look and a cowl induction hood was added for effect. You’ll also note the requisite ducktail spoiler out back, because no Camaro is complete without one. Bright chrome details like the wheel arch moldings and bumpers are in excellent condition and it carries the right single-element RS taillights and folding headlights that reinforce this real-deal RS.
The interior is deluxe black, and that’s how it was when it was new. Replacement seat covers look great, with deeper, better-defined pleats than most of the low-cost repros these days and fresh black carpets help with noise and heat control in the cockpit. The center console enhances the overall muscular feel of the cockpit as well as a Hurst shifter for the Muncie 4-speed manual gearbox. A woodgrained steering wheel adds some warmth to the interior, matching the center console and stack better than most, so this Camaro feels a bit dressier inside than most of its siblings. Standard factory gauge package and aftermarket auxillary tach don the column. The original AM radio is no longer in the dash, and an upgrade makes this a great cruiser on weekends.
I wish I could tell you this is a matching-numbers car, but when the engine was rebuilt, the 327 was upgraded. But the good news is that this 396 cubic inch big block cackles and snarls like nothing else that’s ever come out of the Norwood assembly plant. Topped by an Edelbrock 4-barrel carb, throttle response is instantaneous and it feels like it could pull to 10,000 RPM and never run out of breath. For those of you who think big blocks have an abundance low-end torque, right again, because this car will gladly smoke the tires through at least the first two gears and unless you’re driving a late-model Z06, I’d recommend leaving this one alone at the stop light grand prix. Huge displacement and edelbrock carberation are surely part of that, as is the custom-grind camshaft that has a lopey idle that’s street-friendly but works with the deep-breathing induction system. It starts easily, idles reasonably well when it’s cold and very well when it’s warm, and it never gets cranky on the road. The engine is neatly dressed in matching red paint, with chrome valve covers and air cleaner that inhales through the cowl induction hood. A few polished dress-up items add some sparkle and the original fan is gone, replaced by an electric fan that frees up some power and keeps the hot big block ice cold in the summer. Exhaust manifolds feed a cackling Flowmaster dual exhaust system that sounds great without being obnoxious.
The factory Muncie 4-speed slices through the gates with ease and clutch action is light, which make this a car that’s at home in traffic as well as the open road. It’s extremely clean underneath with no issues and factory sheetmetal throughout, so you know this car never lived in a snowy, salty climate. 4.11 gears in the heav-duty rear end mean that it is shockingly quick off the line and the faster you go, the better the car seems to like it. The steering, suspension, and brakes are stock, so it rides well but feels lively on the road, and we’ll vouch for the fact that this Camaro is a lot of fun to drive. There’s a recent gas tank out back and it sits on fresh Rally wheels with radials that totally stuff the fenders.
Pedigreed Camaros are expensive and appreciate faster than most cars on the market today. Automobiles like this gorgeous Brandywine coupe offer big fun, an awesome look, and entry into one of the most popular, yet exclusive, segments of the old car hobby.
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Item location:Cape Vincent, New York, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:396 C.I. Naturally aspirated V8
Drive side:Left-Hand Drive
Vehicle Title:Clean