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1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Owner

114004 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Description:

New Page 1 I have owned this car for 46 years. I have a 35 year old automotive import repair shop. I have kept everything working. A/C is still R-12. The last time I charged it the charge held for 3 years. The new owner would have to convert it to R-134 if a/c required. The a/c system is intact and with a freon charge it will cool & blow properly. The car sits way to much now days and after threatening to sell for 2 years now I finally have convenience myself to push the button. Here is a little history. My dad's brother was a new car Chevy salesman in 1974. He and my dad were going to buy this car for their mother if I did not want it. I was in the 11th grade, took the car and worked nights at UPS unloading trailers to pay for the car. Opened my automotive business in 1984 and started freshening the car up. A new Midas Muffler went in next door to me and I got to be friends with the techs there. One day they were slow and offered to fix the exhaust for me. The car has a single barrel carburetor and thus had a single exhaust. Still has the factory single barrel carb but has a nice dual exhaust from header pipes to the back. You can barely here it run from the front of the car but has a slight throaty tone going away. Over time, new dash, speakers, carpets, re-upholstery the seats to original cloth. While doing the dash sent the heater core to the radiator shop to be gone thru, cleaned and lubed the climate controls, they move smooth. Transmission was gone thru in the 1980's, still shifts great, leaks a little when sits for months, but seals up when driven. Original engine, valve job, timing chain and all gaskets have been done but pistons and bearings all original. I want to say the tires are new, tread is 11/32nd deep but tires are 3 years old, I think. When I did the tires I refinished the wheels, had them powder coated. Fuel tank has been gone thru about 6 years ago. It was repainted in 1990. Burnt Orange is the original color and current color. I put new seals on doors and door glass seals on A pillar, along roof and 1/4 glass seals. New headliner. Windshield is new. rear back glass was out at one time and the hat tray cover got rain on it. It is warped some and I think the only fix is to replace it but I have not done that. The soft top was removed several years back causing rusting around front and back glass. After that fix I did not want to put the soft top back on. I still have the chrome trim for soft top that goes around the back glass which goes with the car. In fact, the trim holes for this trim I am talking about are still in the body, should be filled or trim should be put on. The car has been kept inside everyday for the last 20 years. I do not have the rear fender skirts any more and I don't know where they got off at. I have air shocks on the rear and they leak down about every 3 weeks. The last item I can think of for the moment is the grill. I know that it is a 1970 grill, not a 1971. The original one had a small piece of chrome flaking off. I was told it would take a while to send it off and get it back. This would have been early 80's, before I had internet but the Sunday Classifieds showed a 1971 Monte Carlo Grill for sale over by Tinker Air Force base. I met the guy at a 7/11 and bought it. I did not know there was a difference until I got home with it. I'm guessing he did not know either. I went a head and swapped them out and sent the original one off. 8 months went by, me calling and calling and they finally sent it back, all the old chrome stripped off, looking like copper and said they could not do it. I still have it if it is wanted and it can go with the car.


Item location:Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
Model:Monte Carlo
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean