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Chevy Corvair PRICE REDUCTION! (Gene Winfield One Off Custom!) One of a kind!

Convertible BODY TYPE
v8 215 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1966 Chevrolet Corvair Description:

1966 Chevy Corvair (Gene Winfield One Off Custom)

Price Reduction from $24,500 to only $14,900!

I am regrettably letting go of my 1966 Chevy Corvair that the infamous Gene Winfield and friend custom built. I no longer have the space and must down size. The Chevy Corvair first off, is one on the coolest Corvairs I have ever seen or will. It's very impressive to see first hand how the mind of Gene Winfield works. The quality of work is top notch and the attention to detail is like none other. If you do not know who Gene is, stop here and google him. His cars are going up in value fast. The build was started from the ground up. I think the only thing left original to the Corvair seems to only be part of the body. LOL!!! Everything else from the frame to the motor is all custom. I can't imagine the money and time that has gone into this Corvair. The Corvair was turned into a mid-engine powered by a small block v8 215 with a mid 80's front wheel drive automatic transmission. Disk brakes all around. The all new black on black interior was just redone about a week ago. Cherry on top the car also comes with a bitchen sound system. I have a lot of the original paperwork from Genes shop plus some. The car runs good and drives but like most old cars and customs there is always a little tinkering. I never got around to putting new pop locks on the trunk and hood. Brakes are a little sticky too. Never drove car much. Mostly just trailered it from show to show. With the car being such a huge build with almost zero miles on it, I do not feel like I am the right person to break it in, plus Its a one of a kind car and didn't feel right putting miles on it. I truly hate to see this car leave my the collection here in sunny California. I really am too busy to be dealing with selling this car so I am going to price the car aggressively so it will sell fast with no hassle. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. We can also set up a phone call. -B

Back story:
Hello Corvairers!
One day searching the web for classic cars for sale, I came across a listing for a custom 66 Corvair on Arizona craigslist. When looking over the very very poorly done listing with those photos you click on that only get about an inch by inch big on your computer screen (You know the ones,) I quickly noticed this was not your normal chopped up custom Corvair! I contact the owner ASAP. After a 2 hour long conversation with the original 91 yr. old owner and some new photos emailed over by the neighbor (Younger guy who knew technology,) I learned a remarkable back story on this 66 Corvair.
The story goes that the gentleman who was selling the Corvair started this project over 30 years ago with his good friend Gene Winfield. If you do not know who Gene is, stop reading here and do your research. The list of things done to the 66 Corvair is extensive and I do not have the energy to list everything. In short: The 66 back seats are deleted and converted into a mid engine powered by a 215 v8 small block and a front wheel drive transmission out of a mid 80' Olds (Transmission and motor sit sidways.) The Corair is real wheel drive. The Corvair now sits on a custom frame with disc brakes all around. The roof has been permanently removed so no rainy drives in this Corvair. Interior was brand new but from the 80's when project first started. Since then I have put a new black on black interior that closely resembles an original 66 Corvair (Mix in some old with new.) The body work is incredible and you can tell that it was done by a pro. The rear all steel fenders are flared out to accommodate 12" wide tires to grab when you want to get on it. The rear tail lite is a solid bar extending across the whole back of the Corvair powered by LED and covered by a custom formed piece of plastic glass. The new rear engine hood is louvered for added breath-ability along with side vents custom fabricated into the side panels of the Corvair to funnel air to help cool the motor. A 10 gallon fuel cell sits under the new front BMW style retractable hood.
I can go on and on about this one of a kind custom one off Gene Winfield 1966 Corvair. One of the craziest parts about this Corvairs story is, since this build was started back in the late 80's, 2 paint jobs, and two different motor swaps later, the Corvair has ZERO miles on the build! Zero! All because of a few small last minute details. The gentamen who was selling car said time just got away from him and now is in a wheel chair. The Corvair was very hard for him to sell but he knew it deserved to be completed and on the road.
I bought the Corvair site unseen and have been doing the last little check lists to get the Corvair back on the road and the recognition/glory it deserves.
I will be selling this Corvair. I recently sold my warehouse and only have room for one car for the current moment. The 66 Corvair is located in Santa Cruz, California. DM me if you are interested and or have any questions. Thanks for reading! -Ben


Item location:Capitola, California, United States
Engine:v8 215
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean