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Barn Find/Running Inline 6/Original Interior/Original Dash

206.8ci I6 ENGINE

1933 Chevrolet Master Sedan Description:

1933 Chevrolet Master Sedan

Overall the thirties and early forties were good and innovative years for the Chevrolet marque. In 1933 Chevy introduced two classes of car, the Master Eagle for the upscale market and the mid-year arrival Mercury for the budget conscious. Styling was more streamlined on the Eagle, bumpers were standard, and Starterators were included. Starterators connected the accelerator to the starter motor, enabling a driver to restart an accidentally stalled engine with the tap of a foot. 450,000 Eagles were produced during the 1933 year and customers began referring to the Eagle as the Master. The name change stuck.

For consignment this nice Chevrolet Eagle (Master). This 4-door early 1930's design with an extra-long body and rear window, canvas top, and cowled hood, running boards and early design, it's truly a gangster car. Blue paint for the body and black paint for the fenders and running boards, it's got nice patina and steel spoked wheels.

Barn find condition, this exterior is need of restoration. Lots of chipping, staining, dulling, and primer showing through. Running boards are losing their rubber covering, and black exterior fenders are also in need of some restoration. They present with paint chipping, rusting, and some primer showing. 4 doors are seen, the front two are hinged at the firewall, the rear doors are suicide hinged at the C pillar on the rear. Curved door handles in pitted chrome are on the exterior. Up front is a chromed radiator cover with grille, which is also in need of restoration with chrome dulling and pitting. Single headlights flank the grille and are attached with a post that mounts to the front fenders. A horn is on the driver's side. Also, a simple bumper is seen on the front and rear of this car. The long cowled hood sports a trio of vents on either side, and covers the unrestored engine bay, and butts up to the radiator cover up front. The roof is a canvas panel and is becoming detached from the metal surround of the remaining roof. Black steel spoked 18-inch wheels are all around and are wrapped in thin rubber tires which are 5.25/5.50x18 in size.

All original with mohair coverings all over including the door panels, and overstuffed interior benches. These benches, for the front and rear have large tuck and roll panels, and prestige with buttons and piping in tan. There are several rips and tears in the fabric, and it has stretched and lost its shape over time. This is the same for the rear bench which has side arm rests like a couch, and no tears or rips. More mohair for the inside pillar covers and the headliner. Up front is the original unrestored dash in Baker Blue and a centrally located horizontal metal ribbed gauge cluster houses original gauges. Small inset areas of wood veneer are framing the dash on either side. A black Bakelite steering wheel fronts the dash. Carpet is just throw rugs from carpet samples, red for the rear, and tan for the front, but all carpet needs replaced.

A surface rust coated inline 6-cylinder engine is within the engine bay, under the cowling hood. A 208.6ci engine it is, and it has a single carburetor on the side. A 1933 CB Master engine comes up on the decode. A 3-speed manual transmission is attached to the back.

Plenty of surface rust on floorpans frame and body hangers but no invasive rust is seen underneath. Also, there are plenty of areas which have an excess of grease buildup from years of greasing maintenance being covered by road dirt. Road dirt is present on most of the suspension parts which include leaf springs all around, and mechanical drum brakes on all 4 corners. Lower door panels on the inside surface are showing some surface rust as well.

The car starts and moves under its own power. We did not venture far due to a water leak in the water pump, and from some dry rotted rubber parts, and hoses.

Certainly, rust free, with a serious need for a total stripping and repaint. No rust through though and, the interior is original mohair all around. A survivor if you will that still runs but should have a thorough once over on the engine just to be sure of those leaks are fixed so you do not overheat. A barn find project car, right out of the gangster era, with the extra rear sliding window, and awesome rear bench mohair seat.

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Item location:Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States
Interior color:Brown
Engine:206.8ci I6
Vehicle Title:Clear